Peer into The Mystic Depths of the Chandra Koop Varanasi

The Chandra Koop Well

A well placed in the Chowk area of Varanasi shrouded with a mysterious story behind its prayers.


History of Chandra Koop Varanasi

Created by the Moon Lord and blessed by Lord Shiva himself, it is one of the holiest places in the city.

The Power of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva bestowed magical powers over the water of the well; anyone who drinks or touches it feels the effects.


The Secret of Your Reflection

Devotees frequent the Koop to look for their silhouette inside the water, as it gives them a glimpse into the future.

Can The Well Tell Futures?

If you don't see your shadow/ reflection in the water, your death may be near (within six months) according to devotees.


Where Is Chandra Koop Varanasi?

The well is located in the Siddheshwari Devi temple in the Chowk area, close to the Kashi Vishwanath temple.

Know More About Chandra Koop

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