Chandrakoop Varanasi: An Ancient Well with Magical Abilities

Chandrakoop Varanasi: An Ancient Well with Magical Abilities

Visit Chandra Koop Varanasi: A Mysterious Well with Magical Powers to Predict The Future

Chandrakoop Varanasi is one of the most unknown yet magical locations in Kashi. Very few people know of it as the Koop is mostly known by avidly religious people. But it holds immense power to bless the devotees who dedicate their prayers to the Lord here.

The mystery behind the well lies in its apparent ability to predict the future. According to religious legend, the well can tell if a person will face death in the coming months. How so? Read ahead to find out every detail about the belief.


What Is Chandrakoop Varanasi?

Chandra Koop is a well located in one of the temples in Varanasi. However, the well is not solely a water source, as a much more ominous truth is related to it. It is a mysterious place that not even many locals know much about.

However, even though it is not one of the most famous places in Varanasi, it holds significance. It has been named the future predicted well by the devotees. The name comes from the belief that the well can tell when someone is about to die shortly.

Hence, many people frequent the well in the temple premises to find out their fate in the future. While non-religious people also visit it due to its mystic and dark storyline and unique location.


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The Legend Behind Chandrakoop

Before looking at the stories connected to the well, let us start by understanding its name. The name has two separate words- the first one being “Chandra” and the second “Koop.”

Chandra means moon, and here, refers to the moon god. Koop means a well, and legend has it that Chandra dug the well to show his dedication to Lord Shiva. He prayed diligently for multiple years selflessly to devote himself to the Lord. And due to his persistence and love for Shiva, the Lord appeared in front of him.


It is said that god blessed the temple premises and the well, so it is religiously crucial. Some even say that the well is more ancient than the river Ganges itself. And to this day, hundreds of people visit to see the temple and the well together.

Where to Find Chandrakoop?

Chandrakoop is a well, but it is inside a temple- Maa Siddheshwari Mandir. The location is very close to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple too. The temple is very popular as it is home to the Chandreshwar Ling.

The Chandreshwar Ling is one of the nine Shiva Lings that are part of the Navgraha Shiv Lings. Religious people visit all nine to pay their tribute to the Lord. Especially during the Poornima and Amavasya (full moon and new moon days), unique prayers occur on the temple premises, and hundreds attend them.


You can visit the temple to pray at the Chandreshwar Ling and then move to the Chandrakoop Varanasi. You can visit within the 6 am to 9 pm period to pray comfortably at the temple daily.

What Happens While Peering into Chandrakoop?

The real story begins with the current reason why people visit the well in the temple. Although the temple is famous for receiving blessings and praying, the well has a darker meaning which devotees know.

Most visitors reach the temple and then enter the Chandrakoop compound. They peer down the well to look at the water in it. However, if you cannot see your shadow in the water of the well, your death is approaching fast. Although it is a religious belief, people say that a lack of your shadow can mean that you’re nearing the end of your life.


Some even believe that the person without a shadow in the Koop dies within six months. So it is called a ‘future predicting’ location, and many look for their futures here. However, people take it with a grain of salt as this belief gets based on Hindu Mythology.

Why Is Chandrakoop Varanasi Religiously Crucial?

The Chandra Koop Varanasi well is a crucial part of the Pooja done on all days at the Siddheshwari temple. As mentioned before, the location of the well is in the same temple premises as the Chandreshwar Ling, one of the nine most important idols. They are a must-visit place for praying for any Lord Shiva devotee.


So the ling and Koop combined make the temple incredibly powerful. As mentioned in its legend, people say that Lord Shiva came down to earth to bless the temple, hence boosting its powers.

So the priests and devotees believe that it can cleanse your mind, body, and soul just by looking at the water. It is also said that dedicated devotees who indulge in the regular prayers here can get ‘Moksh’ even if they do not pass away in Varanasi.


How to Reach Chandrakoop?

To reach the well itself, you must reach the temple it is in. The name of the temple is Siddheshwari Devi Temple. It is in the Siddheshwari Mohalla, close to the Vishwanath Gali. Firstly, you can use public transport, taxis or a private vehicle to reach the address.

Once you reach the crossing, move towards the Kashi Vishwanath Temple Gate No. 4. But instead of stopping there, keep moving northward till you reach the Raja Katra Chowk. From the intersection right after the Raja Katra Chowk, turn right and the temple will be on your left side.


Once in the temple, you can explore the temple and find the Chandreshwar Ling and Chandra Koop in the interior. It is best to do so during auspicious times like the Poornima or Amavasya if possible. Otherwise, the prayer is also effective for the visitors.


Visiting lesser-known places is a very exciting activity, not only for religious but also non-religious people. So whether you aim to pray for the future or simply explore a lesser-known spot, the Chandrakoop Varanasi is a must-visit.
It holds sentiments and importance for a believer of Hindu mythology due to its mystical powers. But even otherwise, it is one of the most historically rich temples frequented daily by multiple devotees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which place is Chandra Koop Varanasi in?
The Chandra Koop Varanasi is a well inside the Siddheshwari Devi Temple. It is located on temple premises just like the Chandreshwar Ling.

How to pray at Chandra Koop Varanasi?
When people pray at the temple, they make sure to touch or drink from the waters of the well. It is like a completion step in the Pooja ritual. Some people only look at it and pray, which is also possible.

How can you reach the Siddheshwari Temple?
The most efficient way to reach is to use public transport, preferably auto-rickshaws. However, you can also book a taxi to reach the same. If you live close to Godowlia, it is within a walking distance from there.



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