About Us

Varanasi Mirror is a website dedicated to the stunning ancient city of Varanasi. Varanasi is one of the oldest remaining cities in the world and thus holds much importance. Whether it is religion, culture, or history, the city has it all. And our team works hard to capture the essence of the city in our write-ups.

We provide information about the city’s culture, monuments, food spots, and many more topics. Even though it is a fascinating city, it’s hard to find quality information about it online. So we have taken upon the task to let Banaras be known to the world.

With the growing interest of travelers in the city, we have made travel-related blogs. For visitors coming to the city from far away, we have a range of blogs. These blogs range from ideal places to eat to accommodation locations. They will help provide insider tips for traveling through the city.
Similarly, we have crucial information even for locals about Varanasi in need. From lists of the best healthcare services to festivals and news, we cover it all. We have all the information one could need in one place for easy access.

We are passionate about the city due to many reasons. And to show our love and thankfulness, our founder decided to create a dedicated space. By covering various popular and unpopular topics related to Kashi, we wish to aid people who need the information.

We would also like people to see Varanasi through our eyes in all its glory. From the bustling streets to the serene and calm Ghats. From the spicy and flavorful street food to the elegant and graceful sarees. There is so much to Varanasi that is still hidden from the world. And we are here to help bring it to the spotlight, and let Varanasi shine.

Our goal is and will remain to constantly connect Varanasi to the digital world. And we hope that in our journey, we will be able to show the people what makes Varanasi such an alluring place.

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