Assi Ghat- The Ultimate Religious and Cultural Spot

Assi Ghat- The Ultimate Religious and Cultural Spot

Assi Ghat: The Riverside Wonder Capturing the Essence of Varanasi’s Culture and Religious Practices

While visiting Varanasi, the ghats are the highlight of the entire tour. Ghats like the Assi Ghat are historical spots holding thousands of years of history in them. Ghats of Varanasi are locations one simply must not miss during their trip to Varanasi.

Assi ghat is among the many ghats present in the city and has its fair share of popularity. Aside from being one of the most popular ghats for locals, it has the same hype amongst tourists. So let us find out about this ghat and why it is always in the limelight.


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How Did the Ghat Come into Existence?

The mentions of the Assi ghat lie in some of the oldest Hindu mythology scriptures. According to the legend, this ghat is the place where Goddess Durga threw her sword. She threw her sword after killing a demon in the Assi river where it meets river Ganga.

The spot is where the Assi ghat now stands, and it is why it has much importance. People believe that the people who take a dip in the Ganges at Assi receive Punya. Punya can be loosely translated to positive virtue.


During specific times, the holy dip in the river is what many religious pilgrims visit the ghat for. For hundreds of years (there is no official data on the construction date of the ghat) the ghat has been a center of religion.

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Assi Ghat: Regular Religious and Cultural Activities

Assi ghat is and has always been the religious and cultural hotspot of the city. The amount of pilgrims and tourists the ghat sees is massive throughout the year. So, many religious and cultural programs also take place at the ghat Varanasi.


The best music and theatre programs also happen openly in the ghat. Plus, the much-awaited Ganga Aarti happens every evening at the ghat. Movies like Mohalla Assi also got filmed at the ghat, making it popular even in cinematic representations.

You can also frequently witness religious visitors taking a dip at the ghat to attain Punya. Plus, there are many activities for visitors to take part in, making it an engaging and fun location to visit.

What to Do When You Visit Assi Ghat?

If you haven’t visited the Assi ghat yet, you might not be familiar with what to do at the ghat. Except for just appreciating the architecture of the ghat, you can also take part in many fun activities. Here are some of the events you can take part in at the Assi ghat:


Enjoy Boating in The Ganges

Boat rides are perhaps the most exhilarating experiences for first-time visitors. Floating atop the serene river while looking at the endless ghats is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can even cross the river to explore the small yet lovely beach in Varanasi.

Attend The Subah-E-Banaras Program

One of the most well-loved musicals and artistic programs in Varanasi is the Subah-E-Banaras. Many artists perform musical, dance, and theatrical performances on the ghat early in the morning. Make sure to grab a good seat before sunrise to enjoy to the fullest.

Be A Part of the Evening Aarti

For religious visitors especially, the aarti is an essential event. It is when many young and old priests come together and express their devotion to the gods. It is a scenic event with illuminated lamps in the dark and is a spectacle to witness.


Famous Spots Near Assi Ghat to Check Out

Aside from doing activities at the ghat itself, you can also explore nearby areas. You can find some decent spots for meals and leisurely activities alike. So here are some popular places near the Assi ghat Varanasi you might want to visit:

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Roma’s Café and Diner

Sitting on the Lanka-BHU Road, Roma’s Café and Diner is a customer favorite. The restaurant serves delicious local and international food in the loveliest ambiance too.

Pizzeria Vaatika

Another one of the best restaurants near Assi ghat, this eatery is located on the ghat itself. You can enjoy delicious menu items while admiring the view of the Ganges from their outdoor patio.

Banarasi Baati Chokha

If you want to try delicious local food, the Banarasi Baati Chokha restaurant will be ideal. The décor with the food will give you the authentic experience of UP food.

Shopping Areas/ Stores

IP Vijaya Mall

The IP Vijaya Mall is present on the Bhelupur- Durgakund Road and is an ideal place with outlets of many popular brands.

Lanka BHU Road

The Lanka-BHU Road has many individual stores, from popular brands to local start-ups. You can find an array of items ranging from clothes to souvenirs there.

Temples/ Monuments

Sankat Mochan Mandir

The Sankat Mochan Mandir is one of the most popular temples that are close to the Assi Ghat. You can reach the temple on foot or with the help of local transportation.

Rani Laxmibai Janmsthali

The birthplace of Rani Laxmibai, India’s glorious freedom fighter, is another historical wonder to look at. It is close to Assi Ghat and accessible on foot or by public transport.


One of the most reputed universities is BHU, not only in Varanasi but in the nation. You can reach BHU from Assi ghat and explore the campus of the university.

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A Varanasi ghat is one of the places that truly defines the culture and history of the ancient city. They are some of the oldest yet well-maintained pieces of architecture used for years. And with the faith and devotion of the people, they will go on for more years.

So while visiting Kashi, you must visit the most popular ghats for the true Varanasi experience. Witnessing history and religion unfold before you would be the ideal experience unique to this city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Assi ghat the best ghat in Varanasi?
Yes, you could say that Assi ghat is among some of the most popular ghats in the city. With so many activities and places to visit, it makes for the ideal tourist spot.


Does the Subah-E-Banaras start before sunrise?
Yes, this musical program usually starts even before the sunrises and goes on till the early hours of the morning. It is ideal to visit the ghat well before sunrise to grab the perfect spot to witness the program.

Are there hotels near the Assi ghat?
Hotels near ghats are rather common in Varanasi, and the same goes for Assi. You can find a decent hotel near Assi ghat Varanasi for ideal rates.

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