Renowned Dentist in Varanasi: Trained Professionals for Ideal Dental Health

Renowned Dentist in Varanasi: Trained Professionals for Ideal Dental Health

List of Dentist in Varanasi with Experience and Reviews to Get Teeth Health Care

Dental health is an essential part of life that we all need to enjoy and keep healthy. Strong teeth ultimately lead to improved overall health, hence we present a list of dentist in Varanasi. These popular dentists have made their name in Varanasi due to their diligence.

Their staff and clinic provide top-tier care for all sorts of dental health problems. You can trust these experienced professionals to treat your teeth with the utmost care. So if you’re searching for tooth care in Varanasi you can refer to the list.


Dr. Amar Anupam

Perhaps the most popular dentist Varanasi has to offer, Dr. Anupam is well known for his work. His clinic is frequented by locals and tourists alike due to the high service quality. He has ideal equipment and many services related to teeth care.

Clinic/ Hospital: Dr. Amar Anupam Oral and Dental Care Clinic
Address: N-11 / 60B-23, Sri Krishna Nagar Colony, Mahmoorganj, Varanasi
Timings: Daily 9 am to 10 pm
Contact Number: 094159 90600

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Dr. Praveen Kumar

Another known dentist in Varanasi, Dr. Praveen Kumar has years of experience and high qualifications in dentistry. His clinic is a popular dental clinic Varanasi has to offer, with world-class equipment. He and his team offer many services and treatments at relatively affordable prices.

Clinic/ Hospital: Oro Dental Clinic
Address: B30/2- 10, Prafulla Nagar Colony, Near Ravidas Gate, Lanka, Varanasi
Timings: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 9 pm; Sundays 11 am to 2 pm
Contact Number: 099356 14326

Dr. Piyush Kumar Pandey

Dr. Pandey is a part of Make My Tooth Dental Clinic’s team which takes appointments in their locations. He has outstanding performance and reviews by actual patients who received care. The clinic provides many dental services at its two locations.


Clinic/ Hospital: Make My Tooth Dental Clinic
Address: Shiv Shakti, Near Uma Marriage Lawn, PWD Colony, Varuna Bridge, Nadesar, Varanasi
Timings: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 9 pm; Sundays 10 am to 2 pm
Contact Number: 094515 80586; 088816 25515

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Dr. Jitendra Sharma

This dentist in Varanasi is a known dental surgeon currently in the Bhavya Dental Center. He and his team provide treatments for many problems with finesse. The positive reviews regarding his work prove his skill and experience in the field.


Clinic/ Hospital: Dr. Jitendra Sharma, Bhavya Dental Care, and Physiotherapy Center
Address: Varuna Bridge, Raja Bazaar Road, Varanasi
Timings: Mondays to Saturdays 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm; Closed on Sundays
Contact Number: 095593 96689

Dr. Neeraj Agrawal

Dr. Agrawal receives his appointments at the De Dental Square clinic. He has the necessary educational qualifications alongside years of experience in dentistry. His clinic and himself have earned awards due to their hard work in the field as well.

Clinic/ Hospital: De Dental Square
Address: Lane- 14, Main Road, Near PM Office, Ravindrapuri Colony
Timings: Mondays to Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm; Closed on Sundays
Contact Number: 089481 25950


Dr. Ashish Dwivedi & Dr. Swati Dwivedi

The Smile Dental Centre is another renowned dental clinic in the city. It houses ideal dentists in Varanasi along with ample equipment and other staff. You can get cosmetic and regular dental procedures at the clinic.

Clinic/ Hospital: Smile Dental Zone and Implant Center
Address: VDA Flats, H-31, Assi, Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya Rd, Lanka Road Lanka Road, Ravindrapuri Road, Ravindrapuri Extension, Anandbagh, Bhelupur, Varanasi
Timings: Mondays 10 am to 7 pm; Closed on Sundays
Contact Number: 097937 75888


Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh

Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh is a dentist in Varanasi specializing in regular dental procedures. He has taken many appointments in the Sanskriti Dental Clinic and continues to offer the services. His clinic is equipped with the latest equipment needed for ideal treatment.

Clinic/ Hospital: Sanskriti Dental Clinic
Address: C33/210-A-5-K (Opposite Ekta Park), Hari Nagar Colony, Chandua, Chhittupur, Near Sunbeam Lahartara, Varanasi
Timings: Mondays to Saturdays 10:15 am to 1 pm and 5:30 pm to 9 pm; Sundays 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Contact Number: 094541 60828


Dr. Priyanshu Singh

Dr. Priyanshu Singh is a top dentist in Varanasi and his clinic has overwhelming reviews. He has been practicing for over a decade and patients have positive reviews regarding him. The clinic provides good quality dental care even at affordable prices.

Clinic/ Hospital: Smile Station- The Dental Clinic
Address: SA – 1/89, First Floor, Near SBI, Pandeypur, Azamgarh Road, Premchandra Nagar Phase – 2, Naibasti, Varanasi
Timings: Mondays to Saturdays 9:30 am to 9 pm; Sundays 9 am to 2 pm
Contact Number: 099361 55369


Dr. S. P. Singh

Dr. S. P. Singh is an experienced professional currently practicing in a known dental hospital in Varanasi. Reviews regarding his treatments show his professionalism. At his clinic, you can receive regular or cosmetic procedures with ease.

Clinic/ Hospital: Smileodentist Multispecialty Dental Clinic
Address: S 10/190-1, Hukulganj, Pandeypur, Hakul Ganj, Varanasi
Timings: Mondays to Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm; Sundays 11 am to 1 pm
Contact Number: 099369 90365


Dr. Priti Seth

Dr. Seth is one of the most experienced dentist in Varanasi with 25 years of dentistry. She has positive responses from previous patients and continues to work efficiently. She also charges a feasible amount for consultation and other dental treatments.

Clinic/ Hospital: Suman Dental Clinic
Address: CK-15/1, Bulanala Road, Chowk Thana, Godowlia, Varanasi
Timings: Mondays 10 am to 7 pm; Tuesday- Saturday 10 am to 11 pm; Closed on Sundays
Contact Number: 093369 33363


One must enjoy all the yummy sweets and drinks in Varanasi while visiting. But sensitivity and cavities can hinder you from tasting all the famous delicacies. Hence, you can avail of high-quality teeth care in a dental clinic in Varanasi.


Varanasi may be more known for its cultural and religious features. But its healthcare professionals do not lack at all. You can find solutions for all types of teeth and gum issues from a renowned dentist in Varanasi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general consultation fees of dentists in Varanasi?
Depending on the dentists’ experience and popularity their consultation fees differ slightly. The general range for only consultation is between 200 and 600 rupees (only for consultation, treatment fees are excluded).

Who is the best dentist in Varanasi?
Many Varanasi dentists have ample qualifications and experience making them ideal. Though there is no certain best dentist in Varanasi, you can check out the above list of the Top 10 dentist in Varanasi with names like Dr. Amar Anupam, Dr. Praveen Kumar, etc.


What services and treatments do dentists in Varanasi provide?
Every dentist or clinic in Varanasi offers basic checkups and consultations. They also provide treatments like fillings, root canal, alignment, and more. You can check the website or call the clinic to confirm if your desired treatment is available.

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