Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi: The Liberation of Lost Souls

Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi: The Liberation of Lost Souls

Perform Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi to Liberate Lost Souls of Your Ancestors and Help Achieve Moksha

Varanasi is the ultimate destination to perform rites for your family member to ensure their safe departure from the world. Unfortunately, the same does not go for people who die an unnatural or premature death.

Such souls often get lost in the middle world and do not achieve Moksha. To help them do so, the next of kin must perform the Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi. Read ahead to know more about the ritual, location, and other details.


What Is Tripindi Shradha?

The word ‘Tripindi” is made up of two separate words- ‘tri’ and ‘Pind’. Pind Daan is a frequent ritual that family members perform to bring peace to the soul of a deceased member. And ‘tri’ means three, so it means Pind Daan for three separate ancestral generations.

Tripindi Shradh becomes especially important if there has been an unnatural death in those previous three generations. This ritual gets performed in other places like Trimbakeshwar and Gaya too. Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi is another destination that provides the resources for the same.

Hindus consider the puja an essential ritual to pay due respect to family members. They also believe it facilitates a better future for them and their upcoming generations in terms of success, money, and luck.


Who Is Tripindi Shradha Performed For?

Tripindi Shraddha is different from the Pind Daan ritual which most people do annually. It is only intended for the people who died an unnatural or accidental death. It could be someone who died too young or even someone who passed away due to an unfortunate accident.

People believe that such souls cannot cross the threshold of this world and get stuck in between both worlds. They get lost and have no closure since their passing was a shock to them.

Then, they roam as angry souls and reflect their anger over the coming generations. Hence, their next of kin must perform the due rituals to help them cross that threshold. By doing so- they will earn their blessing and avoid any coming misfortune.


Where Does the Shradha Take Place?

Since the Tripindi Shradha puja is such a crucial ritual, it happens in various locations all over India. You can find it in other holy locations like Gaya and Trimbakeshwar. But the Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi takes place at Pishach Mochan.

Pishach Mochan in Varanasi is a small kund or pond and temple with great religious importance. The mentions of this place date back to the Garuda Purad in Indian religious mythology.

It is said that the Peepal Tree at the temple existed even before the river Ganges came into existence. The tree was a temporary resting place for the lost souls, who would leave the tree after the ritual was over.


The Religious Sentiment Behind Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi

Rituals after one’s death, like the Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi hold immense importance for Hindus. Since the religion states the presence of an afterlife succeeding death, people want to ensure that their family reaches the stage carefully.

It is said that the people who passed away in Varanasi achieved Moksha after their rituals on a Varanasi Ghat. But it is not the same for people with untimely deaths. For such people, there are certain religious practices to be followed. And Moksha is the ultimate destination after death, something all Hindus must achieve to transition into their next life.

Hence, the Tripindi Shradha is the way to make a bridge for them to cross over into the next phase of life. It might not seem essential, but it provides the family member solace after serving their duties.


Why Should One Perform the Rituals?

Pind Daan and more frequent rituals are more known in our country than the Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi. Although it is understandable, people believe they must know about lesser-known practices for many reasons.

Tripindi Shradha benefits are endless since our ancestors continuously affect our fate. People believe not performing these rituals may lead to accidents, misfortunes, and financial losses.


On the other hand, once you successfully perform a Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi, you will achieve the following:

  • Success
  • Fortune
  • Peace
  • Luck

How To Perform Tripindi Shradh in Varanasi?

To perform a Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi, you must search for a pandit who has previously done the ritual. The best way to do so is by asking your friends or relatives for any pandits they may know. If that isn’t possible, you can visit the local area and search for the pandits yourself.


The process includes a puja with three pots with black, red, and white flags. These flags representing Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva go into the pots of Satvik, Rajas, and Tamas- the constituents of the phantom barrier. Upon adding the flags and chanting the mantras, they free the soul from these barriers to achieve Moksha.

The final steps include putting three coins on the Peepal tree. It is to pay off any remaining debt of the deceased, so he can start with a clean slate. All these steps must take place in a certain period of Pitru Paksha. The Tripindi shradha dates 2022 are 10th-25th September (may differ).



Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi is an essential ritual for family members to attain a peaceful life. The existence of their ancestors as roaming souls can bring harm to their way, so the puja brings more money, harmony, and luck.

If you are in Varanasi to perform the puja at Pishach Mochan, you must know all its details. In that way, you can do the correct rituals and benefit from them. We hope our article has cleared up all your doubts about this popular ritual and its necessities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure involved in Tripindi Shradha?
Tripindi Shradh is a puja done by pandits on the Pishach Mochan premise. The puja consists of the shlokas, clay pots with flags, and putting the coins on the Peepal tree. Other procedures are also part of this, and the process may take a few hours.

What is the cost of a Tripindi Shradha Puja?
You can ask your pandit about the total Tripindi Shradha puja cost, which includes all ingredients and his Dakshina. Depending on your pandit, the total price can range between 2000-10000 rupees.

Why should we perform a Tripindi Shradha Puja?
Our ancestors that pass away from an unnatural incident remain stuck between two worlds and accumulate anger and sadness. Such negative emotions would get inflicted on us unless we perform the puja to free them.

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