Hot Air Balloon in Varanasi 2023: All You Need To Know About The Festival in Kashi

Hot Air Balloon in Varanasi 2023: All You Need To Know About The Festival in Kashi

Discover The Hot Air Balloon in Varanasi Fest 2023 And Enjoy Flying Above The Stunning Landscape

Hot air balloon in Varanasi is one of the most awaited Varanasi events in 2023. The test came to life in 2021 to improve the tourist appeal of the city. Since Varanasi is the religious capital of India, such an attraction is something you would not expect in such a place.

So the government is pleased to announce that the Hot Air Balloon Festival Varanasi will commence on 17th January. Before you visit, let us look at everything you need to know about it beforehand.


What Is The Hot Air Balloon Festival?

The Hot Air Balloon in Varanasi Fest involves multiple hot air balloons gliding across the city. Each balloon can carry multiple tourists at a time for a ride through the city and back to the start.

Once you board the balloon, an expert will slowly help it ascend into the sky. Then the people in the balloon can experience an aerial view of the city. The aerial perspective will display stunning sights never seen before.

You can click pictures and enjoy your time in the air while watching the city below. Then the balloon will go to the landing point on the BHU campus where you can use public transport to return.


When Did this festival in Varanasi Begin?

The festival commenced in November 2021, when the pandemic was slowly improving. The ride garnered ample attention and appreciation from the visitors who explained its experience as surreal. And at the time it was one of the best things to do in Varanasi due to its experience.

However, the festival did not continue in 2022 only to come back in the first month of 2023. This is the second time the hot air balloon fest following its massive success among locals and visitors.

The Idea Behind Hot Air Balloons in Varanasi

You may wonder what encouraged someone to start a hot air balloon fest in the city. Well, you would be glad to know that it was an initiative by the government. The officials believed that the city needed something new to pique tourists’ interests.


Hence, the suggestion for hot air balloons came up. Since the city is home to multiple temples and monuments, it made sense to utilize a method for displaying its aerial view. But a cable car was not the best idea in the terrain.

So the planners thought of independent hot air balloons instead. Since the idea was already popular in multiple locations, it wasn’t as hard to realize. After planning for a long time, it finally came to life at the end of 2021.

When Will The Hot Air Balloon Fest Take Place in 2023?

In 2023, the Hot Air Balloon Varanasi in the city will commence in the beginning. The official date for the festival is from January 17th to January 19th. During the same period, the Boat Race Fest will also commence at the Dashashwamedh Ghat, one of the most prominent ghats in Varanasi.
During the festival, multiple hot air balloons will take many people to fly over the city. Every day, there will be a limited number of rides each day. So you must reach early to secure a place for yourself there for hot air balloon in Varanasi booking 2023.


Why Are Hot Air Balloons So Popular in Varanasi?

While Varanasi has a thousand attractions, the hot air balloon in Varanasi is a showstopper. Many people often wonder what is the reason behind its immense success. Firstly, it is a very foreign concept in the city.

Since it is an ancient city still close to everything conventional, a hot air balloon is a spectacle in itself. So no wonder people enjoy even watching it. And for visitors coming to the city from all over the world, it is a unique perspective. One can fly over stunning temples in Varanasi like the Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

You get to see the city from a completely new perspective (quite literally). And finally, the ride is very affordable for the visitors. For such an aesthetically pleasing ride, the price for it is very reasonable. So many people find it much more attractive and accessible to them.


What Is The Hot Air Balloon Booking Price?

The official price for the 2023 fest of hot air balloons in Varanasi is not mentioned yet. The prices may only be known while buying the ticket. However, the price for the last festival was a mere ₹500.

If you compare it with most other hot air balloon services in the country or around the world, the price is affordable. In the price, you will get a 15-20 minute ride above the city in the hot air balloon Varanasi.


How Can You Do Hot Air Balloon Booking?

Currently, the information regarding the fest of Hot Air Balloon Varanasi 2023 is scarce. So people have assumed that all of the booking and pricing processes will be offline, at the location itself.

Hence, the only way to book a hot air balloon ride is on the spot for now. As more information comes forward, the government might introduce an online portal. However, it is only possible if the event becomes a permanent one.



Trying unique things in Varanasi is something every visitor dreams of. While it may be a cultural and religious city, it also offers some modern experiences like other popular tourist destinations.

And the hot air balloon in Varanasi is one such experience. The ride will take you on a journey to explore the ancient, but not from within, but above. You can see the aerial sights as the huge city shrinks into a miniature town in front of your eyes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ride a hot air balloon in Varanasi?
Yes, due to the Hot Air Balloon Festival organized by the government, you can now ride a hot air balloon. However, it is only a three-day fest and not a fixed event. It will take place from 17th January.

Where does the hot air balloon start in Varanasi?
The take-off place for the hot air balloon in Varanasi is the Central Hindu Boy School, Ramnagar. After the ride completion, it will land on the BHU campus.


Is the hot air balloon ride in Varanasi expensive?
The hot air balloon ride in the city costs ₹500 only. It may seem like a hefty price, but it is well worth the amount since it is a one-of-a-kind experience in the city.

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