Tent City Varanasi: A Leap Towards Modern Tourism in The City of Shiva

Tent City Varanasi: A Leap Towards Modern Tourism in The City of Shiva
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Tent City Varanasi: The Modern-Day Accommodation Solution for Tourists in Kashi

Among all the new developments in the holy city, the Tent City Varanasi is one of the most awaited projects. The cluster of accommodations in a trendy style is expected to bring a lot of positive user reviews.

This unique hotel in Varanasi will offer some of the most diverse experiences for Varanasi visitors. So let us know more about this innovative project set to launch soon in Varanasi.Here , we will provide information about Tent City packages price, Tent city Varanasi booking process etc.


How Did the Tent City in Varanasi Come into Existence?

The hotels in Varanasi had not been enough for visitors ever since the Kashi Vishwanath Temple got renovated. With a fall in the severity of the pandemic and the lifting of travel regulations, thousands came to the city.

So, to ease the load on hotels and ensure ample spaces to accommodate people, the idea was brought to life. The Tent City Varanasi is an idea by the government and two independent Ahmadabad firms. The firms are responsible for conceiving and managing the hotel.

Since it is such a fresh concept- the government has estimated that it will be an attraction to visitors. Especially for foreign tourists, it would be a fun getaway with pre-planned packages to make touring the city simple. In the coming months, it would undoubtedly boost Varanasi tourism alongside other popular attractions.


Packages Offered

Now that we know what the Varanasi Tent City project aims at, let us move on to the stays. If you look at the concept photos on the official website, the hotel is like a Varanasi tent house setup. So instead of concrete walls, the rooms have a tent structure.

But don’t be fooled by their exterior, as the tents transcend your usual camping tents. Instead, they are luxurious rooms with all the amenities. Here are some amenities the rooms offer:

  • Air-Conditioners
  • Attached washrooms and showers
  • Geyser
  • Locker
  • Room heater
  • Electric kettle

However, not all these amenities come with all packages, so you must check the option you like. Furthermore, the packages are broadly divided into two categories, and further into four types of tents each. There are four types of tents with increasing prices and amenities:

  • Deluxe AC Tent
  • Super Deluxe AC Tent
  • Premium AC Tent
  • Ganga Darshan Villa

Please refer tent city Varanasi official website for Varanasi tent city price. Here, you can find detailed information for each packages.

Here are the packages and their details:

All-Inclusive Packages

The All-Inclusive packages at the Tent City Varanasi include a full experience, not just accommodation. Aside from the tent and food given to you, they also plan trips to places like the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Musical programs in Varanasi, and more.


Hence, the all-Inclusive packages offer food, transport, and guided trips to places to visit in Varanasi. Here is a list of all locations covered:

Bed & Breakfast Packages

If you are more of a free traveler that likes to plan things as you go, you need not worry. The Tent City Varanasi also offers only bed and breakfast options. In this, you do not have to go on guided tours and will get accommodation. You will receive meals and all amenities that come with the tent.

However, you can plan an itinerary and tour Varanasi as you like. It provides freedom to stay in the Varanasi hotels and plan their trip themselves.


When Will Tent City Open?

The Tent City Varanasi was set to open by Dev Deepawali (7th November 2022). However, the construction process and finalizing took more time than expected. Hence, the process has been going on even after November.

Though the builders have not announced If you look at the official website, you can see that bookings are available for rooms starting from 15th January 2023. If you visit the site or one of the ghats in Varanasi, you can see that the construction is still underway.


You can check the official website to get the latest and most reliable updates regarding the opening date. You can also book your rooms and stays from the same website.

How To Book Your Stay?

Tent city Varanasi booking process is easy as the Tent City setup has an official website. Like most other new developments, the website is quite detailed and functional for the ease of the users. Once you visit the website, you can find the pricing info, rooms, and amenities.


How to book tent city Varanasi? – Moreover, the entire booking process is online, so you can do it from wherever you like. Below are the steps to book your stay through the online website:

  1. Open the official Tent City Varanasi website by Praveg.
  2. Click on the ‘Book Now’ button on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select dates from the calendar and choose between 1 or 2 nights.
  4. Once you check the availability, you can select from the room choices and click on ‘Add Room.’
  5. Check the booking details and the final amount after adding taxes.
  6. Click on ‘Pay Now’ to pay the amount and finalize your booking.

If you wish to cancel your stay for some reason, you can do so more than fifteen days before the date to receive a refund with only 15% cancellation charges. You can still cancel the booking in the later days, but a heftier amount will get deducted from the paid amount.



Although Varanasi has its fair share of fancy hotels, the Tent City Varanasi project is one of a kind. The tent-style glamping vacation is something never before seen in the city. So many people are anticipating the project’s completion eagerly.

So, if you are one of the people who wish to visit the Tent City when it gets completed, read our guide. We hope it has been helpful and offers all the information you need regarding the booking.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tent City Varanasi open?
No, the Tent City Varanasi is not open for travellers to stay in yet. Initially, it was meant to open in November, before Dev Deepawali. However, it is set to accept guests in the mid of January 2023.

What will be the price range for Tent City Varanasi?

Varying rooms have varying price points, which you can see on the official website. The rates start from as low as 5000 rupees per person per night. The maximum price is 20,000 rupees per person per night.


Where is Tent City located?
The Tent City Varanasi is placed opposite the Assi Ghat Varanasi and other Varanasi ghats, on Sandy Beach in Varanasi. You can access it by boat or even by road if convenient from any main location in the city.

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