Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi: Explore The Serenity and Tranquility

Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi: Explore The Serenity and Tranquility

Varanasi is a city that welcomes its visitors with an open hand and a warm heart. Even though it is a city of joy, excitement, and fun, spirituality and meditation are inseparable. Even the air of this mythological city and the famous Varanasi Dashashwamedh Ghat is full of hymns of humanity, love, and affection.

Eventually, if you ask, what is famous about Varanasi? I feel that words fall short of describing this heaven-like city. Every part of this city is lovely. Nevertheless, in this read, we are trying to cover the myriads of the most exciting things to do at Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi and the surrounding area.


The Dashashwamedh Ghat of 10 Sacrificed Horses

As per earlier scriptures, initially, Dashashwamedh Ghat was known as Rudrasara or Rudra Sarovar. At this place, Lord Brahma sacrificed ten horses and installed two Shivlings by performing 10 Ashwa Medha Yagya.

Dashashwamedh Ghat is near Godowlia, and you can reach this place through your vehicle, rickshaw, auto, or cab. While walking around the busy streets, admire shops, cafés, and restaurants. The road leading to the ghat is clean, and there are shops on both sides.

Get Acquainted With Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi

Do you want to know what is famous about Varanasi? Let’s explore the prominent areas of Varanasi.


हदये सुखसम्पत्तिः पदे पर्यटनं फलम्

“All The wealth lies in your happiness, be happy and explore the beauty through travel.”

Ghats of Varanasi: Where Every Step Has The Millennium of History

Varanasi ghats are full of life, excitement, and truth. At one point, they present joy. Then at another point, they open the gateway to spirituality while bringing you close to the ultimate truth of your existence.

At Dashashwamedh ghat of Varanasi, life never sits still. It is a blend of excitement and religiousness.

  • Do not forget to sit on the ghat steps and click the photograph of the surroundings.
  • Another unforgettable experience is the sunrise and sunset at Ganga Ghat.
  • Spend your evening at Dashashwamedh Ghat and take a memorable Boat ride to Varanasi in the cool breeze and pleasant surroundings.
  • Ganga Aarti Varanasi is a magnificent and must-see attraction. It is a lifetime memory and will keep you spellbound.
  • It is a belief that bathing in the holy waters of the Ganges will wash away all your sins.
  • On special days and upon fulfillment of your wish, people float lit Diya with some flowers and coin kept on the leaf, in the holy water of river Ganga.

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Temples Of Varanasi – Where Devotion and Religion Meet

Kashi is the city of temples, and there are many temples in Varanasi. But if you are planning a visit near the Dashashwamedh area, you should visit the following temples:

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Best Local Food in Varanasi

Do you want to taste the decades-old grandma’s recipe or want to feast your eyes with the delicate presentation of food? There are myriad of the best food near Dashashwamedh and Godowlia area, and all are full of delicious and mouth-watering taste.


Lets’ explore some of the best street food in Varanasi:

The Taste That Lasts: Chat of Varanasi :

The delicious and mouth-watering aloo Tikki sprinkled radish, coriander leaf, ginger, chili, curd, and homemade chutney. This taste is the specialty of Varanasi, and it will always make you crave more. The fun doesn’t stop here; you’ll also find a selection of Chat around this location. The sour and sweet taste of Golgappa and Varanasi special Tamatar Chat is something to cherish. The taste of Dahi vada Varanasi’s delicious Chura Matar is sure to make you ask for more.

To name a few places where you can enjoy these tastes are Kashi Chat Bhandar, Deena Chat Bhandar, and Moonga Chat.

Mouth-Watering Varanasi Deserts:

After the spicy and tasty eatables, you will be satisfied with the refreshing Lassi and Thandai. The delicious and yummy taste of Thandai & Lassi gives internal delight. You will be amazed by the small measurement glass and how they shake the materials for preparing the Thandai and Lassi. The secret nut and dry fruit ingredients are self-prepared though the material is purchased.

Do not miss the yummy liquor tea at Ghat, Gulab Jamun, and other sweets when you are in Varanasi. You may find these refreshments at any following shops, Baba ki Thandai, Mishrambu, Sri Kunj Sao, Sri Bhola Bhandar, and similar other shops.

Spicy and Delicious Kachori Sabji:

Amidst all the cuisines, do not forget the warm and tasty Poori-Sabji and Paw-Bhaji. Don’t miss the delicious Kachauri Sabji and Varanasi’s delicious Chura Matar with spicy green sauce. You may find two different tye of Kachauri, Badi Kachauri and Choti Kachauri. Badi Kachauri has the stuffing of lentils, while Choti Kachauri has a filling of spicy mashed tomato mix. Serve these Kachauries with delicious, tangy, and aromatic potato curry.

You may find these favorite items at all the places but try eating them at Shri Madhur Jalpan.

South Indian Delight

The taste of South Indian dishes will linger on to your taste buds for an extended period. Enjoy the delicacy of Dosa, Dahi Vada, Uttapam, Daal Vada, and Idli with spicy Sambhar and white Chutney at any of the South-Indian Cuisine. You may try these items at Kesari, Dosa café, and Ayyar’s Café.

Chena Dahi Vada:

Chena Dahi Vada is a delicious alternative to traditional lentil-based Bhallas. It is similar to Rasmalai in look, but you serve it with sweet yogurt and a dash of Masala made of jeera and black salt. These Dahi Vadas are a typical breakfast food in Varanasi, and you serve them with a steaming cup of tea. The sweet and sour flavors of the snack are perfectly balanced.


You may eat this tasty dish at Deena Chat Bhandar and other shops.

The Famous Pan of Varanasi:

When visiting Varanasi, you must savor the flavor of Banarasiya Paan. Paan is a dish with beetle nut leaves, lime, and various spices and served with tobacco or lime. Do not miss tasting Meetha Paan, a non-tobacco, non-lime variation of Paan made with sweetened rose petals, fennel seeds, and soft, chewy Supari.


Few shops to taste Pan are Netaji Pan Bhandar, Satish Pan Bhandar, and Deepak Tambul Pan Bhandar.


Kashi is full of unfolded mysteries. Mukti Bhawan Varanasi is one of the places where people from all over the world gather to draw their final breath in the hope of salvation. Furthermore, many people will be eating Khichadi at Dashswamedh Ghat. You’ll also be swept away by the flute tunes of the flute merchants.

Shopping at Varanasi Near Dashswamedh Area

Indeed, any trip or travel is not complete unless you purchase a memoir from that place. Dahswamedh and the nearby area offer a lot of items to buy. The local market is full of varieties, be it bangles of different colors and types of handmade and woven Banarasi silk saree.


Shopping at Dashashwamedh market is fun. You will get varieties of wooden toys. However, you will find unique toys and miniature with a tiny toy inside another. Furthermore, you will find a wide variety of pens at one and only Penco pen shops.

You can do the Best shopping at Varanasi by purchasing Sandalwood toys, Ramnami dupatta and kurta, sandalwood, delicious beetle nut, purse, bags, marble toys, Ashok symbol, and cosmetics miniature of God and gorgeous clothes of God and Goddesses and many other attractive things.


Q: How do I book a ticket for Kashi Vishwanath darshan?
A: You can book a ticket online or buy one at counters available at various places, including Dashashwamedh Ghat.


Q: How much does a boat ride cost?
A: Boat ride cost depends upon time, duration, festivals, and distance. Also, you can negotiate the rates.

Q: How to visit Dashashwamedh Ghat?
A: You can book a cab from anywhere in the city to Godowlia and then walk from there. Only two-wheelers are allowed from Godowlia onwards towards the Ghats.

Q: Is Vishwanath Gali (the lane leading to Kashi Vishwanath Temple) suitable for buying things?
A: Though you can buy many novelties here, beware of high tourist prices. If you have any local contact, it’s better to do marketing with them.

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