Varanasi Hostel Stays: Affordable and Ideal Accommodation

Varanasi Hostel Stays: Affordable and Ideal Accommodation
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The best Varanasi hostel stays providing its guests perfect facilities for a lower price.

Varanasi is an ancient city loved by people of all age groups due to its uniqueness. But college students and other travelers prefer to stay in a Varanasi hostel instead of hotels. Since hostels are more cost-efficient, they can be the ideal choice for many.

Plus, these hostels don’t fall behind as they have all the necessary commodities for their guests. So if you’re looking for budget accommodation for your stay in Varanasi, you can go to a hostel. Let us look at the best hostels in ascending order of price.


Gypsy Diaries

Placed in one of the busiest parts of the city, this hostel is one of the most affordable places. The ghat is only a ten-minute walk from the hostel and you can also find restaurants nearby. The hostel offers both private rooms and bunk beds in dorms to travelers.

The décor of the hostel is funky and modern and the array of services make it even more attractive. It even has great customer ratings and experiences that only confirm that it is an ideal Varanasi hostel.

Location: Aurangabad Road D55/125-F Luxa Road, Aurangabad
Price: Bunks in dorm starting from Rs.199; Rooms starting from Rs.999
Amenities: Lounge, Garden, Free Wi-Fi, Barbecue, Playground, Kitchen, etc.


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Mad Squad Hostel

Another modern and unique hostel on this list, Mad Squad Varanasi is an adults-only hostel. You can book bunks or rooms for a reasonable price at the property. The location is also ideal as restaurants, tourist spots, etc. are within a walking distance.

You can enjoy a great breakfast and even use their barbecue facilities in the evening. The hostel is usually bustling with activity and visitors especially appreciate the cleanliness and brightness of it.


Location: D 51/20-20, -A-21-R, Nai Sadak, Varanasi
Price: Bunks in dorm starting from Rs.285; Rooms starting from Rs.1299
Amenities: Lounge, Barbecue, Terrace, Kitchen, Free Wi-Fi, etc.

Live Free Hostel

One of the highest-rated hostels on this list, by the visitors, is the Live Free Hostel in Nagwa. You can book bunks or rooms at the hostel and enjoy the beautiful river views from the terrace area.

The ghat is hardly a walk away and you can get an array of street food and restaurants nearby. You can also access a shared kitchen and enjoy playing board games at the hostel. However, the closeness to river Ganga is what guests love most about this hostel.


Location: N 1/3-D 1-2, Nagwa, Varanasi
Price: Bunks in dorm starting from Rs.350; Rooms starting from Rs.2000
Amenities: Lounge, Garden, Terrace, Fireplace, Kitchen, Free Wi-Fi, etc.

Good Vibes Hostel

Hardly a walk away from the Dashashwamedh Ghat and Kedar Ghat, this hostel is perfect for shorter stays. The hostel has a restaurant, but you can also get great food options in the surrounding areas.

Additionally, this hostel has one of the most unique décors and a great ambiance appreciated by most guests. Of course, you can get this amazing cultural accommodation and experience at a fairly low price.


Location: Kedar Ghat Road D-26/4, Narad Ghat
Price: Bunks in dorm starting from Rs.379; Rooms starting from Rs.1025
Amenities: Lounge, Terrace, Fireplace, Library, Restaurant, Yoga & Spa Services, Free Wi-Fi, etc.

The Pathwalkers’ Habitat

According to use reviews, this Varanasi hostel is among the best hostels in Varanasi for all travelers. Along with the basic bunks and rooms, the hostel also has amazing services and activities for its guests.


You can find kettles and computers in the rooms and also get a delicious home-cooked breakfast. You could walk to Assi Ghat or take part in activities like cycling and tours in the city. You can also enjoy cultural performances and fitness lessons.

Location: B1/122,Plot No.42 Assi Near Goenka Galli
Price: Bunks in dorm starting from Rs.450
Amenities: Lounge, Kitchen, Free Wi-Fi, Yoga Classes, Terrace, garden, Barbecue, etc.


Mother Hostel

This hostel is a bit different from the others as it is more home-like in most aspects. The hostel has options for single occupancy rooms and normal rooms for you to choose from. You can also get breakfast and attend yoga classes in the mornings.

The décor is similar to the layout of traditional Varanasi houses in the city. You can also pay for tours to show you around the city and popular spots nearby. You can also reach Dashashwamedh Ghat in minutes and experience the scenic aarti.


Location: D20/5 Munshi Ghat, Bengali Tola, Varanasi
Price: Single room starting from Rs.599; Rooms starting from Rs.810
Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Yoga Classes, Breakfast, Room Service, etc.

Moustache Hostel

Perhaps the most popular Varanasi hostel, Moustache is a franchise hostel with a unique décor. Like others on this list, the hostel offers bunks and rooms, although the rooms are a bit more pricey than others.


During your stay, you can enjoy various activities (free and paid) offered to the visitors. You can also relax in the lounge, garden or restaurant. Located near Assi, you can reach Varanasi tourist places easily.

Location: B-1/128-23, Dumraon Colony, Assi, Varanasi
Price: Bunks in dorm starting from Rs.600; Rooms starting from Rs.2799
Amenities: Lounge, Restaurant, Library, Kitchen, Yoga Classes, Garden, Free Wi-Fi, etc.

International Travellers’ Hostel

On the expensive side in the case of hostels, ITH is a luxurious hostel in Varanasi. Although the prices are more compared to others, you can also get services unique to the hostel. The décor is also classy and modern, yet bright in its way.


The bistro in the hostel offers delicious meals and you can also enjoy the breakfast. The shared areas are lively and you can do many activities in and near the hostel. You can even get a tent to stay in, which is even more unique.

Location: C-32/4, Vidyapeeth Road, Varanasi
Price: Bunks in dorm starting from Rs.699; Rooms starting from Rs.1999
Amenities: Restaurant, Terrace, Lounge, Kitchen, Free Wi-Fi, Library, Garden, etc.


Aside from planned travelers, many backpackers come to Varanasi for a soulful journey. And during their long or short stays, there comes a need for good quality accommodation with low prices. Hence, a Varanasi hostel becomes the perfect choice for such backpackers.


And if you are visiting, you can check into a hostel Varanasi has to offer tourists for an ideal stay. You can get great facilities at an amazing price and save up money during your trip. Furthermore, you will also meet amazing people and be able to make memories in the mystical city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there travelers’ hostels in Varanasi for short trips?
Yes, you can search a Varanasi hostel out of the many choices for your short trip. They are more affordable than hotels so they are a perfect choice.

Are there any hostels near ghats in Varanasi?
Just like hotels, there are also some hostels in Varanasi near ghats. We have included two of them in the above list so you can check them out.


Are there private rooms available in hostels too?
Yes, although hostels primarily offer beds in dorms, you can also get private rooms for a slightly higher price.

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