Top Varanasi Hotels You Can Unwind In

Top Varanasi Hotels You Can Unwind In
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List of the top Varanasi hotels tourists can stay in during their stay in the city of Lord Shiva.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to visit one of the most ancient cities in the world? If you’re planning to visit Varanasi once the pandemic settles, you would be curious about places. You might also be looking for Varanasi hotels you could stay in.

Well, no need to worry since we got you covered with our list of best hotels Varanasi has to offer. Ranging from luxurious to affordable hotels, we have a list in the descending order of price.


BrijRama Palace

Holding a rich history and an architectural structure representing the ancient city, this hotel is iconic. The BrijRama Palace is one of the best 5 star hotels in Varanasi. It is right beside the Ganga river and has a private ghat alongside many other services.

It is on the expensive side, but the services provided and the experience, it is well worth staying at. Similarly, their professional staff cares about you and has an array of services for your convenience. You can also get boat rides and tours, live music and dance, mementos, and river view rooms in the hotel.

Location: Munshi Ghat, Darbhanga Ghat, Dashashwmedh, Varanasi
Price Range: Starting from Rs.28000 per night
Hotel Amenities: TV, Wi-Fi, AC, Minibar, Breakfast, etc.


Taj Ganges

Located in one of the best localities near the Cantonment, The Taj Ganges is a luxurious hotel perfect for tourists. It has more of a modern layout and décor and numerous facilities available for its guests.

In addition, the hotel includes a pool, gym, multiple gardens, restaurants, shops, and more. Consequently, this hotel is one of the highest-rated ones that many famous people stay in too. The price range for Taj Ganges is also high, but its overall quality is impeccable too.

Location: Nadesar Palace Grounds, 221002 Varanasi, India
Price Range: Starting from Rs.9000 per night
Hotel Amenities: TV, AC, Wi-Fi, Minibar, etc.


Radisson Hotel

The Radisson hotel is also placed a kilometer away from the city center in one of the poshest areas with hotels in Varanasi. The hotel provides world-class services to its guests and has a grand modern design to it.

There are multiple restaurants and bars in the hotel itself, alongside a fitness center, business center, spa, pool, etc. Of course, the best part about this hotel is its location as you can access popular spots during your stay.

Location: The Mall Cantonment, Varanasi Cantt, Varanasi
Price Range: Starting from Rs.6000 per night
Hotel Amenities: TV, AC, Wi-Fi, Minibar, Breakfast, etc.


Hotel Madin

Located in the Varanasi Cantonment, Hotel Madin is one of the best hotels in Varanasi that is only slightly expensive. Since the location is ideal, you can access many other restaurants and tourist attractions.

Additionally, the hotel also boasts amenities like a pool, restaurant, terrace, spa, fitness center, and other services for the guests to enjoy. If you want luxury yet don’t want to spend too much, you can opt for this hotel. Plus, you can access the yummiest restaurants and street food in Varanasi just outside the cantonment.

Location: The Mall Road Cantonment, Varanasi Cantt, 221002 Varanasi, India
Price Range: Starting from Rs.4500 per night
Hotel Amenities: TV, AC, Wi-Fi, Minibar, Breakfast, etc.



VIA VARANASI is a boutique hotel that is a lot more unique than other Varanasi hotels on this list. The décor and theme of the hotel are modern and bright, which is unique. You would be hardly a 5-minute walk from the Assi Ghat where you can enjoy too.

The rooms and common areas are all modern and well-furnished. Also, the hotel has a fitness center, spa, terrace, bar, and a restaurant too for its guests. If you want to opt for urban and modern accommodation, this is the right choice for you.


Location: Assi Chauraha Assi, 221005 Varanasi, India
Price Range: Starting from Rs.3400 per night
Hotel Amenities: TV, AC, Minibar, Hairdryer, etc.

Dwivedi Hotels Palace On Steps

A traditional-style hotel with the layout of actual homes in Varanasi, Palace On Steps is unique. So, it is the hotel to choose for a true cultural experience due to its decor. The rooms have the design and décor of a traditional riverside house in Varanasi. It is the feature that tourists say what makes them so memorable and unique.


Aside from being one of the best hotels in Varanasi near ghat, the hotel also has a restaurant. There are river view terraces in rooms, and other services, for a surprisingly reasonable price. This hotel cannot be accessed with vehicles so keep that in mind before booking your stay.

Location: D21/11 Ranamahal Ghat, Near Dasawamedh, 221001 Varanasi, India
Price Range: Starting from Rs.1800 per night
Hotel Amenities: TV, Wi-Fi, Terrace, etc.


Hotel Arya

A walk away from Assi Ghat, Hotel Arya is one of the most affordable Varanasi hotels for travelers. Though you can book the rooms at a low price, the amenities and services at the hotel are not lacking.

Furthermore, you can get services like laundry services, a restaurant, and more at the hotel. You can reach destinations like temples in Varanasi with public transport. In this budget range, it is one of the highest-rated hotels by travelers in Varanasi.


Location: B 8/47 Sonarpura, Assi Road, close to Harishchandra Ghat, Sonarpura, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001
Price Range: Starting from Rs.1000 per night
Hotel Amenities: Wi-Fi, CCTV, Laundry Services, etc.

Hotel Picasso

If you’re looking for a place without spending too much money, then this budget hotel is the one for you. Though the rooms are smaller, they have facilities and cleanliness that will make your stay comfortable.

The hotel is located in Godowlia, which is a great region. Hence, with the help of public transport, you can access many popular areas nearby. The hotel also has a restaurant, laundry service, and more services. Apart from rooms at a great price, of course, the hotel has everything you need.


Location: B3/296 Godauliya, Assi Road, near Mata Anand Mai Hospital, Shivala, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001
Price Range: Starting from Rs.850 per night
Hotel Amenities: Wi-Fi, CCTV, Laundry Services, etc.


Finding the perfect accommodation is an essential part of planning the trip for any traveler. So one needs to put much thought into it and select the best option. So, if you’re torn as to where you should stay in Varanasi, check out our list of hotels.

Whether you prefer an old-fashioned décor or a more modern flair to your room; you will find a hotel you love. It is because there are many Varanasi hotels in various budgets and styles. You can book your stay and make your trip to Varanasi comfortable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best hotel in Varanasi to stay at?
Though it depends more on personal preferences, one could call the BrijRama Palace the best hotel in Varanasi due to its heritage and views.

Are there hotels on ghats in Varanasi?
Yes, there are plenty of hotels, both luxurious and affordable, on popular ghats in Varanasi that you can book.

Are hotels expensive to stay in Varanasi?
The price of hotels mainly depends on how luxurious and scenic you want them to be. In Varanasi hotels, you can find extremely expensive and even highly affordable hotels starting from Rs. 900 a night.

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