Locals celebrate Rangbhari Ekadashi in Varanasi, devotees enjoy the festival of colours in Vishwanath Gali

Locals celebrate Rangbhari Ekadashi in Varanasi, devotees enjoy the festival of colours in Vishwanath Gali

According to tradition, Baba Vishwanath and Maata Gauna take leave from Maata Gauna’s hometown and make a trip to Mt. Kailash. This is ceremony takes place on Rangbhari Ekadashi in Varanasi. The ceremony is celebrated by the people who play with gulaal and other colours while the statues of Baba Vishwanath and Maata Gauna are carried through the streets. Once again the city saw a huge crowd celebrating the traditional event with energy and the streets were filled with devotees playing with colours. The event takes place at the Brahma Muhurat on the Rangbhari Ekadashi in Varanasi.

Beginning of the celebrations

The rituals began on 24 th March, on Rangbhari Ekadashi in Varanasi, at 4 am when 11 Brahmins
organized the Rudrabhishek of Baba Vishwanath. After that Shodshopchar worship was
conducted alongside bathing Shiv-Shakti with the Panchgavya when sunlight was visible.
After these rituals, around the afternoon, the inauguration of the Ann-Kshetra took place and
the statue was adorned with pieces of jewellery and garlands. By the afternoon, the streets
were already brimming with devotees who were eager to witness the event.


Evening proceedings and participation of the devotees

In the evening itself, the statues were finally carried through the streets, an event much
anticipated by the devotees that had waited for it all day long. During the proceeding, hundreds
of people flooded the streets with gulaal in their hands and played the festival of colour with
the deities.
Not only the people in the street, but people on the rooftops also showered the statues with
gulaal to display their devotion during the Rangbhari Ekadashi in Varanasi. During this time,
the streets were jam-packed which caused a traffic problem in the area.

Religious significance and history

These celebrations have been taking place every year for over three centuries and are a part of
the cultural and religious heritage of Varanasi. The event also signifies the devotion of the
people to the deities and to this date, a lot of people participate in the event with much zeal.

The tradition has been carried by the devotees for years and the same love and excitement was
witnessed on 24 th March 2021 while the proceedings took place.

Team Varanasi Mirror

Team Varanasi Mirror

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