Varanasi gets the Ro Ro Boat Service too, the Commissioner inaugurates the facility

Varanasi gets the Ro Ro Boat Service too, the Commissioner inaugurates the facility

Travellers from across the world visit Varanasi to have a glimpse of the Ganga. They don’t only enjoy visiting Ganga Ghats but also boat riding in the river. However people in the city have been eagerly waiting for the Ro Ro Boat Service for a long time.

A small function

Finally their wait is getting over. The Ro Ro Boat Service has been inaugurated in the City. The District commissioner Deepak Agrawal inaugurated the service on Saturday. There was a small function organised on the Sant Ravidas Ghat. Even the District Tourism officer Kirtiman Srivastav was also present with the Commissioner Deepak Agrawal. Both the officers also inspected the facilities available on the boat.

This would be the route

This Boat Service in Varanasi will be available from the Sant Ravidas Ghat to Balua Ghat via Khidkiyan Ghat. Also anyone can book the service as the tour package. This service can be used to travel from Shulkanteshwar to Chunar and also from Chunar to Rajghat Kaithi.


The boot being used in the Ro Ro Boat Service is three storery. There are a lots of space available in the front and back side of the ship. On the occasion of the inauguration of the service, there were Golgappa and Chat stalls as well. One can enjoy the beautiful glimpse of the river Ganga while eating delicious foods.

Facilities available on the boat

There are bedrooms, kitchens and a small dining hall available on both sides of the boat. This  Boat Service has not yet been launched for the public. Few repair works are still pending. Therefore, the Ro Ro Boat Service for public would be available only from coming July. However, people in the city are very excited after the inauguration of this service.

The Boat Service is only available in the Kerala, Gujarat, Kolkata, Cochin and Mumbai so far in our country.

Team Varanasi Mirror

Team Varanasi Mirror

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