Malaiyo Varanasi: The Yummy And Delicious Winter Dessert

Malaiyo Varanasi: The Yummy And Delicious Winter Dessert
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Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you love to try new and fresh delicacies? If yes, you must try the delicious and mouth-watering Malaiyo Varanasi. With the name Malaiyo, the image of some foamy and creamy substance forms into our mind. Imagine when the image itself is so delicious, then what would be the taste of this mouth dissolving dish!

Definitely! If you once tasted the Malaiyo Dish, you will remember this taste throughout your lifetime.


The Lightest Indian Dessert- Malaiyo Varanasi

During the chilling Varanasi days, the taste of Malaiyo feels like humming sunshine. The dish is so foamy that it dissolves when you keep it inside your mouth. What about its taste? You will taste its sweetness on your tongue for a long time. This dish is also very flavorful.
Rarely, after eating one cup or what we call ‘Kullhar,’ you will demand another cup.

However, after eating this yellow-coloured sweet, do not forget to drink its milk. Yes! You read correctly. After consuming this sweet dessert, shopkeepers give you equally delicious milk to drink.

You may find South Indian dishes in Kashmir and Punjabi food in Assam. But the city of Mahadev, Kashi, has a monopoly over Malaiyo. This milk-made sweet is famous even outside the Indian boundaries. People from all over the world travel to Kashi in winters to savour this excellent taste.


The story of the Malaiyo recipe dates back to a hundred years ago. The making of Malaiyo started in the Chaukhamba area near Gopal Mandir of Pucca Mahal. Then, with time, it extended to the entire city. However, to date, you find the most famous shops in the narrow lanes of old Benaras.

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Preparation of Saffron Flavoured Milk Cloud

The flavour of Malaiyo sweet in Varanasi has now become the identity of this city. You can enjoy this dish only during winter, especially between November and February. Its special cream is prepared from dew drops. Thus, as the temperature decreases, the speciality of Malaiyo in Banaras increases.


The preparation of Malaiyo Varanasi starts during the early morning by churning and boiling the milk in an iron cauldron. The iron vessel adds iron to the dish ‘Malaiyo Varanasi.’ While cooking the milk, people regularly and manually churn it to separate fat from it. After this, people keep it under the open sky for dew to fall on it, and thus the magic of this yummy dessert begins.

Due to dew drops, the whole milk gradually changes into foam. Approximately it takes eight hours to prepare the Malaiyo Sweet Recipe.

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Though the Malaiyo Banaras Recipe process is tedious and time-consuming, it gives a taste to savour. Shopkeepers serve it in many sizes of earthen bowls; you choose them according to your preference. Before serving, shopkeepers garnish this frothy cream with saffron, sliced nuts, almonds, and pistachio.

Malaiyo Varanasi is a better choice in dessert as it does not increase cholesterol or calories. As it is prepared under dew on winter nights, the froth dies when the sun reaches its peak. Therefore, we suggest tasting the extravagant taste of Malaiyo sweet in Varanasi before noon.

Malaiyo Varanasi Trail

Many Varanasi Malaiyo shops lie between Pucca Mahal in Chowk, Maidagin, Godowalia, Dashashwamedh to the Church Square, Assi, and Lanka. You can savour this taste before or after breakfast or both before and after breakfast.


The taste gives you containment and satisfaction.

The Malaiyo price in Varanasi ranges between ₹ 20 to ₹ 50 or ₹ 60, depending upon the size of Kullhar you choose. Some of the places where you can taste this best Malaiyo in Varanasi are:

  • Rahul Milk Bhandaar- In Chaukhamba, beneath Bhartendu Bhawan and near Ram Bhandar.
  • Markandey Sardar Shop- K- 26, 17, chaukhamba, Uttar Pradesh 221001

When you see the frothy saffron milk in clay pots between November and February, it is ‘Malaiyo Varanasi.’


“The taste that is delicate and the light foam that instantly melts on the tongue, leaving behind its sweetness, creamy texture and the tantalizing saffron, nuts, and cardamom.’’

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