Sampurnanand Sanskrit University: Preserving India’s Culture

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University: Preserving India’s Culture

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University: Giving Way To Sanskrit Learning And Cultural Preservation

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, also called SSVV for short, is a university in Varanasi. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in the city and the nation. It remains one of the biggest hubs for Sanskrit education to date.

The university has helped preserve the ancient language and its teachings from British Rule. Hence, it has always been a cultural treasure to the people, and students strive to get admission to the university. So let us look at how this university came into being and what it is now!


The Beginning of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University

The start of the university dates back to when the British ruled India. In an attempt to protect one of the oldest languages in the world, this university was made. The British government surprisingly took the initiative and supported the university financially.

It was a gesture to represent the fact that they stand for the Indian education of the people. The idea was first proposed by Jonathan Duncan. And Lord Cornwallis brought the idea to life by creating the university.

At the beginning for at least 150 years, the university went by the name Government Sanskrit College. It was only later that the university gained government acceptance and got titled a Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya Varanasi instead of a college.


The college started on a meager budget of 20000 rupees a year. However, with the combined efforts of the teachers and children, the college continued educating generations. With that history, it is now a premier educational hub for Sanskrit.

Goals and Mottos of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University

The first and most important goal of the university was to protect and practice Sanskrit. Sanskrit is an ancient language whose origin dates back to 1500BC. To this day, it is among one of the oldest languages to be practiced.

With the British rule, however, many scholars feared that Sanskrit would be lost to the newer languages. Since Sanskrit is a more complex and well-made language, lesser people practiced it due to its difficulty.


Hence, the British and Indians joined hands to create a college that would actively practice Sanskrit and related subjects. It is how the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University Varanasi came into being and still practices the same morals.

Acquisition of University Status

As mentioned above, this Varanasi university started as a college when it began. It remained at the college level for nearly a century and a half. The change from college to university happened when Sampurnanand became an education minister of UP.

As the education minister, he brought upon the idea of giving the college the status of a university. And in 1974, the GSC’s name changed to Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya or Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. His name was attached dot the university due to his contribution to the cause.


The university now provides graduate and postgraduate courses along with diploma courses. While graduate courses were always part of the available courses, post-graduate courses were added in 1857.

Academics at Sampurnanand Sanskrit University

The academic diversity of courses in this university is something people don’t’ expect. Even though it is primarily a Sanskrit university, it offers many other courses. These courses range from diplomas in foreign languages to PG Diplomas in other courses.

However, the Sanskrit faculties are perhaps the most popular in the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. Currently, there are five faculties and many departments under these faculties too. The number of departments in all faculties combined crosses 20 in SSVV.


The academic style is also mindful of the ancient ways of Sanskrit learning. Though some changes are bound to happen, the curriculum and even staff follow the traditions of the past. It is truly a unique university with the proper cultural preservation for Sanskrit.

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University and Its Cultural and Historical Importance

Since SSVV is one of the oldest existing universities in the city, it has as much popularity. Even since its opening, people have been fascinated and interested in it. Young learners who wish to learn about their culture and major in it turn to Sampurnanand Sanskrit University.


And the popularity and reach of the university aren’t limited to students, but many scholars too. The Saraswati Bhavan Granthalaya is a place in the university where the original manuscripts of many Sanskrit books get preserved. Such informative but under managed books get a makeover and even get published at the university.

So in a way, the university has acted as a protector of the language and kept it alive in all forms. It is and will remain one of the most important educational hubs for the people. The citizens of the city and many other scholars appreciate universities like SSVV and BHU in Varanasi.


What to Do While Visiting?

If you are going to visit Varanasi, you can also look at the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. The campus and architecture are delightful, and the university can be the ideal cultural experience for you.

Here are some things to do and see while visiting SSVV:

  • Explore The University Campus-The university campus is full of greenery and lovely buildings. The architecture and overall campus layout are a serene place to witness in the city.
  • Visit The Sampurnanand University Archeological Museum- Inside the SSVV, you can find an archeological museum displaying many precious artifacts. It is another great place to visit if you’re curious about the city and the language.


Varanasi is home to some of the oldest architectural and cultural wonders in the nation. But did you also know that it has many old educational institutions still functioning? Sampurnanand Sanskrit University is one such university in Varanasi.

The university has educated many scholars over hundreds of years. It has also acted as the preserver of the ancient language, Sanskrit. It is one of the most prestigious institutions that garner much attention from students even now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sampurnanand Sanskrit University the oldest university in Varanasi?
Yes, Sampurnanand Sanskrit University is one of the oldest universities in Varanasi. In 2022, the university will become 231 years old.

Is admission in the university merit-based or exam-based?
The university admission is preceded by entrance exams. You can visit SSVV online to get accurate information about Sampurnanand Sanskrit University’s entrance this year.

Does Sampurnanand Sanskrit University also offer courses other than Sanskrit?
Yes, though SSVV has a specialization in Sanskrit courses other courses are also available. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses in other disciplines too.

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