Ultimate Spots to Discover Varanasi Music and Cultural Events

Ultimate Spots to Discover Varanasi Music and Cultural Events
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Experience Varanasi music and arts events for a wholesome cultural experience of the city of Lord Shiva.

Most people know Varanasi as the religious capital of India, with the most famous temples. But lesser people know about Varanasi music culture and all the amazing events. Varanasi is not only home to temples, but also many places to discover live performances.

You can experience some of the most alluring and cultural events in Varanasi at some locations. So if you’re a connoisseur, you must attend a live musical performance to experience the Varanasi culture. We have compiled some places in Varanasi with live musical performances present throughout the year.


Assi Ghat: Subah-e-Banaras

As you may know, ghats are the true cultural and religious centers in the city. Kashi is famous for its ghats and these ancient locations are hosts for many events. Some of these events also include musical performances like the Subah-e-Banaras program.

First done in 2014, this program begins before the break of dawn and goes on till the morning. Locals and tourists enjoy sitting on the ghat and witnessing the sunrise while listening to songs. It is a regular program so you can visit whenever, but make sure to grab your seat before dawn.

Things to Do Nearby:

  • Eat hot Kachori Sabzi on the ghat
  • Drink hot masala tea while enjoying the program
  • Go on an early morning boat ride

Deendayal Hastkala Sankul

One of the most recent additions to the city is a convention center brought by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The building is a trade and cultural center that also houses a museum and small amphitheater.


There, tourists can witness programs, both musical and theatrical, performed by local artists. While the frequency of these events varies, one can find amazing shows, especially near the weekend.

Things to Do Nearby:

  • Visit The Crafts Museum
  • Have yummy food at the food court
  • Buy beautiful sarees and handicrafts from the shops

Rudraksh Convention Centre

Inaugurated in 2021, this convention center is the rising cultural hub of the city. The building is a modern structure capturing the religious-cultural essence of Varanasi. Many Varanasi events will take place here, alongside Varanasi music and cultural programs.

This project by PM Modi has the potential to be the biggest cultural hub in the city. Aside from local events, it would also be the location for international programs and has a huge capacity. It would be difficult to find programs, but you can still witness performances occasionally.


Things to Do Nearby:

  • Try out food, sweets, and drinks outside
  • Visit the Bharat Maata Mandir
  • Explore the Sigra area and shops

Nagri Natak Mandli

One of the oldest places that still host authentic theatrical performances, the Nagri Natak Mandli hosts plays. The theatre first displayed a play in 1909 and has been hosting such dramas and plays for over a century now.

A Varanasi event you must not miss is old school plays by local actors and theatre artists. You can check their official website to get a schedule of the ongoing plays. There, you can watch aspiring artists and students put on a stunning performance that tugs on your heartstrings.

Things to Do Nearby:

  • Have delicious chaat and golgappas at the street stalls nearby
  • Take public transport to Maidagin for shopping
  • Dine-in a nearby restaurant

Reewa Ghat

One of the most underrated places on this list has to be the Reewa ghat. While you might have heard of the other places, Reewa ghat is a rather unknown name to most. The ghat, however, hosts some of the brightest and most energizing Banarasi music you would have heard.


Since the ghat is close to the accommodation of many performing arts students, performances keep going on. Many tourists have shown their admiration for the ‘Ghat-Sandhya’ performances here. You can visit the ghat in the evening to be a part of the Varanasi music event.

Things to Do Nearby:

  • Admire the river view while listening to music
  • Walk to the Assi ghat for the evening aarti
  • Take a boat ride on the Ganges


Witnessing Varanasi’s culture at its best is through musical performances. Though annual festivals are more known by locals and tourists, you can also find more regular shows. If you drop by a few famous places in Varanasi, you can sit down and enjoy artistic performances.

If you’re lucky, you can even witness nationally awarded artists in one of these spots. Such events are truly the best experience for any art lover and are a breath of fresh air. You can try going to one of these locations the next time you’re in Varanasi for the best Varanasi music.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do concerts or musical programs take place in Varanasi?
Yes, many musical and artistic performances happen in Varanasi around the year. The city is most famous for its classical performances. However, many popular performances of other genres also hold concerts in the city sometimes.

Where do the best music and dance performances take place?
The ghats in Varanasi are perhaps the most frequently used spots for musical performances. However, there are many other cultural places where you can find other performances too. The newest convention centers have risen as popular hotspots of cultural events recently.


Does Varanasi only have classical music and dance performances?
No, while you would find classical music most frequently in Varanasi, it is not limited to that genre. Many artists of varying musical genres also perform in the city from time to time. For such artists, you must be aware of the schedule since they are not regular in the city.

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