A Varanasi Ghat List: Legendary Riverside Architecture of Kashi

A Varanasi Ghat List: Legendary Riverside Architecture of Kashi
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Varanasi Ghat Compilation of the best riverside spots that tourists can visit

Even first-time visitors would know that Varanasi is immensely popular for its scenic ghats. These riverside architectures are unique to cities on the banks of rivers, especially Varanasi. A Varanasi ghat is something you must visit at least once on your trip to Varanasi.

Aside from just admiring the view of the river meeting the land, you can also do boating or take a dip. The ghats are a cultural centre where you can find activity any time of the day. So let’s dive right into the top ten best ghats in Varanasi you must visit during your trip:


Assi Ghat – The religious representative ghat for pilgrims and tourists!

One of the most famous ghats of Varanasi, the Assi Ghat is the top choice for travelers. Aside from food and activities, you can witness the evening Ganga Aarti Varanasi.

It is one of the oldest and most frequently visited ghats in the city. Many cultural events and important festivals also take place at this ghat.

Dashashwamedh Ghat – Bustling with crowds and cheers for Lord Shiva all day long!

Being so close to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Dashashwamedh Ghat is one of the most frequently visited Varanasi ghats. Its name is commonly mentioned in Hindu Mythology texts and people enjoy the evening aarti here too.


Maan-Mandir Ghat – Stark architectural wonders combined with Baranasi culture!

One of the newer ghats in Varanasi, the Maan-Mandir Ghat boasts a stunning architecture unique to it. There you can also visit the Jantar Mantar or simply appreciate the designs and peace.

Scindia Ghat – The Instagram perfect ghat with a scenic view temple!

The ghat gains its popularity from the belief that the Hindu God of Fire, Agni, was born at this place. The Shiva temple at the ghat is a beautiful sight as it is slightly submerged in the Ganga. People often frequent this Varanasi ghat to offer their payers to the lords.

Manikarnika Ghat – A gateway for the passed souls in Varanasi to attain Moksha!

Famous for a different purpose than most other ghats on this list is the Manikarnika ghat. It is one of the biggest cremation grounds in the city.
A legend describes due to Maa Parvati, Lord Shiva asks every soul cremated here about her earrings. Many Hindu people wish to be cremated here after they pass away in Varanasi.


Harishchandra Ghat – A famous cremation ground from the Hindu Mythology!

Alongside the Manikarnika Ghat, the Harishchandra ghat is also a popular cremation place in Varanasi. It is also one of the oldest maintained ghats that carry historical importance. People believe that individuals whose bodies get cremated here can receive salvation in their afterlife.

Lalita Ghat – A scenic ghat by the Nepali King and a home to Goddess Lalita!

One of the lesser-known ghats in the list, Lalita Ghat holds more historical importance than religion. It is an aesthetically pleasing ghat built by the King of Nepal which people adore.

Due to a beautiful wooden temple and gorgeous river views, it is frequented by tourists and locals alike.


Raj Ghat – A ghat where historical wonders meet religious legacies!

Located on the farther end of the city near the Kashi railway station, Raj Ghat is another one of the Varanasi tourist places.
The ghat is home to the Ravidas temple and also has historical monuments and building in the vicinity.

Tulsi Ghat – The origin location of the Ramcharitmanas; home to Tulsidas!

Named after the very popular author and poet Tulsidas, this Varanasi ghat is ideal for tourists. The first-ever Ramleela in the country got hosted on this very ghat.

Apart from that, Tulsidas also wrote the Ramcharitmanas at this ghat. If you visit the ghat, you can still see his old house and many temples dedicated to Lord Ram here.


Chet Singh Ghat – The legacy of Maharaja Chet Singh with stunning scenes!

The Chet Singh ghat is named after the king, Maharaja Chet Singh of Varanasi who constructed this ghat. The ghat is a historical location where the king fought a battle with the British governor-general, Warren Hastings.

After being acquired by the British, it got reclaimed by Maharaja Prabhu Narayan and is the ghat we know of.


Darbhanga Ghat – Overlooking the most beautiful palace, a ghat rich with history!

Similar to Manikarnika and Harishchandra ghats, the Darbhanga ghat is also a Hindu cremation ground. Many people get cremated in this holy location every day by their family members. The Shiva temple near the ghat is perhaps the most popular place there.

Panchganga Ghat – The meeting of five rivers and intriguing architectural structures!

Located right below the Alamgir Mosque, the Panchganga Ghat is one of the lesser-known locations in Varanasi. This Varanasi ghat is the best location to visit during Dev Deepawali as it looks beautiful illuminated by thousands of oil lamps during the fest.



Tourists wishing for the ultimate Varanasi experience always plan to visit a Varanasi Ghat. These ghats represent the ancient architecture and cultural influence of the city. Especially for religious travelers, these ghats are the source of tranquility and peace.

So if you’re planning a visit to Banaras soon, don’t forget to add ghats of Varanasi to your itinerary. That way, you can rejoice with the people of Varanasi and celebrates hundreds of years of culture too.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best ghat in Varanasi?
There is no set parameter to assess which ghat is the best, Assi and Dashashwamedh are most frequently visited. Manikarnika ghat is also quite popular due to its religious importance in the city.

Are ghats always crowded in Varanasi?
The crowds you witness at ghats entirely depend on the popularity and location of the Varanasi ghat. Popular ghats like Assi always have huge crowds while less popular ghats like Raj Ghat have lesser people.


What are the popular activities to do at Varanasi ghats?
At a Varanasi ghat, you can go on a boat ride passing multiple ghats on your way. You can also find amazing street food stalls in the ghats or near them. Additionally, you can attend the evening aarti or musical programs taking place there.

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