ManMandir Ghat: A Riverside Spectacle Embedded in History

ManMandir Ghat: A Riverside Spectacle Embedded in History
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ManMandir Ghat: A Varanasi Ghat Capturing an Essence of Varanasi’s Historical Wonders

Varanasi has its fair share of historical and religious ghats. These riverside architectures are a part of Varanasi’s rich culture and history. Most of the ghats are well maintained and open to tourists and locals alike, like the ManMandir Ghat.

Not only is the ghat a showstopper, but the museum and observatory also add to its beauty. Especially the newly created Virtual Experience museum has become a hot topic among visitors. So let us find out more about the ManMandir Ghat what to do when there.


The History of ManMandir Ghat

The origin of the ManMandir Ghat dates back to the 17th century, and the observatory and Mahal too. It was built in the banks of Ganga by Raja Man Singh, after whom the structures are named.

The architecture of the palace in itself is a mixture of two commonly seen styles. It is a mix of the traditional Rajput style architecture with influences the Mughal style too. The two come together to make the loveliest palace (possibly) by the riverside.

The Man Mahal Varanasi was used as a fort in the earlier time but is now home to the observatory and museum. It is also historically important due to the observatory which has been a great astronomic accomplishment in such old times.


Even now, the ghat is a popular place in both historical and religious aspects. Some people also refer to it as the Man Mandir Ghat. Many temples around the ghat make it a hotspot for religious visitors. At the same time, its historical architecture and wonders make it a famous tourist spot too.

What to Do When You Visit?

If you are visiting the ghat soon, it is best to know beforehand what you should do there. Visiting during sunrise and sunset hours is relaxing since you can sit down and watch the activities unfold around you.

There are many other things you can do at the ManMandir Ghat or in the nearby area. Here is how you can make the most of your time at the ghat and enjoy to the fullest:


Visit The Virtual Experience Museum

The Virtual Experience Museum is an intriguing Varanasi museum you must not miss while at the ghat. Opposite to common perceptions of museums, this museum boasts its virtual displays.

Undoubtedly, the museum also features physical pieces, but its virtual exhibits are unique. Such a museum in Varanasi is a hidden gem since many people still don’t know much about it. People sometimes call it the ManMandir museum Varanasi, but it is not the observatory. Visit this museum if you plan on taking a trip to the Ghat for a quirky experience.

Explore The Man Singh Observatory

Placed atop the terrace of the palace, you can visit the Man Singh Observatory at the ghat. It has a stunning astronomical observatory that still fascinates the visitors. The condition of the observatory is slowly deteriorating, but you can still see the structure.


Plus, the view of the Ganges from the top of the structure is truly breathtaking. It is the picture-perfect spot where you can get surreal clicks of the scenery. You can also witness the displays inside and the overall structure.

Go On a Boat Ride And Witness The ManMandir Ghat

ManMandir Ghat is a Varanasi ghat known widely for its stunning views. And true to the praise, you can get some of the most beautiful pictures at the Ghat itself. But you know what would take it to the next level, taking the pictures from the river.

If you take a boat ride, especially during sunrise or sunset, you can capture the beauty of the ghat in the photograph. Or you can simply adore the remnant of history in the ancient city during your ride.


Famous Places Near ManMandir Ghat to Explore

While visiting the ghat, you must also know all the good food spots nearby to fill up. Aside from that, there are also many places where you can shop for clothing, jewelry, household items, etc. Since the ghat is situated in a central location, there are plenty of such places.

Since it is an old city, you can find such independent vendors all around. But here are some places you can go to if you’re near the ghat and searching for food/ shopping areas/ monuments:



Dolphin Restaurant

Situated beside the ManMandir Ghat, you can enjoy the ghat view while enjoying your meal here. The restaurant has received overwhelming reviews from customers praising the food.

Shree Cafe

If you enjoy rustic cuisine and a relaxed ambiance, this café is perfect for you. Hardly a walk away from the ghat, you can get affordable yummy meals at this café.

Independent Chaat Stalls

The best food you can eat in Kashi would have to be chaat and related items. Since they are street food, you can have them on little stalls placed all across the city. You can find such a stall near the ghat or when you venture further into the street.

Shopping Areas/ Stores

Vishwanath Gali

If you are by the ghat area, you can take a walk to the Vishwanath Gali nearby. The ancient street is another popular tourist spot which you can explore and shop in. You can find many handicraft items and clothing items in this Gali.


Just outside of the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor lies the Gowdolia market. It is a top market among locals and you can find affordable goods on sale there.

Temples/ Monuments

Kashi Vishwanath Temple

The ManMandir Ghat is surprisingly close to the Dashashwamedh Ghat and hence, the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. You can visit this ancient temple for a wholesome cultural experience.

Annapurna Devi Mandir

A temple dedicated to Maa Annapurna, this temple is a walk away from the ManMandir Ghat. It is one of the most visited temples in Varanasi by locals and tourists alike. You can go through the Vishwanath Gali to access the temple on foot faster.

Jantar Mantar

Another part of the astronomical observatory built by a king, Jantar Mantar is present in 5 Indian cities, including Varanasi. Jantar Mantar Varanasi is a short trip from the ghat and interesting to witness due to its history.


While visiting Varanasi, historical places are just as important as religious ones. Though the capital of religion has huge collections of temples, it has some stunning ancient architecture too.


The ManMandir Ghat is living proof of the advanced and stunning mixes of culture and history. The palace and ghat were and still are some of the best-preserved places of ancient Varanasi. So the next time you take a trip to the city, take some time to visit the ghat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ManMandir Ghat close to Dashashwamedh Ghat?
Yes, the ManMandir Ghat is at a walking distance from the Dashashwamedh Ghat. It is also quite close to Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Vishwanath Gali.

Is the ManMandir Ghat religious a place?
The ManMandir Ghat boats more historical importance than religious importance in Varanasi. The ghat is most popular for the stunning palace, museum and observatory. But many religious pilgrims still visit the ghat and nearby temples


Is entry free in the museum at ManMandir Ghat?
No, you have to pay a small entry fee to enter the Virtual Experience Museum at the ManMandir Ghat. You would also need to pay an entry fee to enter the Man Singh Observatory at the ghat.

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