Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul: The Cultural Hub Of Varanasi

Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul: The Cultural Hub Of Varanasi
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Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul- A Culturally Rich Spot To Explore Varanasi’s Cultural Heritage

A more recent addition to culturally important centers in Varanasi, the Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul is a delight to explore. The serene architectural design combined with the museum and multiple handicraft shops makes the perfect tourist spot.

But what was the start of this trade center, or perhaps the thought process behind it? Let us look at how Pandit Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul came into being and is one of the most culturally sound places.


When Was the Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul Constructed?

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi was who facilitated the making of a trade center. Since Varanasi is the electoral constituency that where won, he had a vision for a more developed city. And one of his main focuses was on the tourism industry to improve the overall experience.

Hence, he laid the foundation stone on 7th November 2104 in the Bada Lalpur region in Varanasi. The name is dedicated to Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay, one of the most culturally active people in the nation. After extensive work and construction, he finally inaugurated the Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul on 22nd December 2016.

Post this, many other inaugurations inside the center took place to accommodate more shops and features. However, the center is still not as popular as other cultural centers, but it has a promising future.


The Idea Behind the Varanasi Cultural Center

The Trade Center has many purposes to it as it has many functional aspects. The first aspect is the Trade Center museum Varanasi, which is historically and culturally relevant. Another aspect is the shops that are ideal handicraft shopping spots in Varanasi. And finally, cultural spots like amphitheaters and halls serve as event locations.

It makes the purpose of the Trade Center multifaceted and very diverse, making it such a rich place to explore. Honestly, it would be difficult for you to explore the whole place in one day. The museum itself is so vast that it can keep you exploring for hours at a stretch.

So it makes the Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul an all-rounder place for youths, families, and other people. There is so much to do and so many things to explore that you would stay entertained throughout your visit. More importantly, it is one of the more advanced places in the city, showing off the modern side.


The Crafts Museum

The Handicraft Museum Varanasi is perhaps the most culturally essential element as it holds the values of Varanasi’s culture. When you enter the ground floor, you would witness the full process of how Banarasi sarees are made. They are perhaps the most well-known good from the city and their making process is equally as fascinating.

As you move upwards through the levels, you would also witness sculptures paintings, and all kinds of art pieces. The best part about them is that they promote the local underrated artists from the city and nearby.

You can learn a lot about the artistic representation and style of the Varanasi culture in this museum in Varanasi. It features many permanent pieces and displays as well as rotating exhibitions from time to time.


A Step Towards a Cultural and Touristic Hub

When you step outside the entry gate of the museum, you will find an auditorium-like structure. It is almost like an amphitheater as it is deep into the ground with stairs serving as places to sit.

It was created smartly to accommodate local performing art performances by local artists. As it is a hub for cultural events in Varanasi, these performances are a given. Though these performances are not regular or have a schedule per se, you can mostly find them on weekends.

On most Saturdays and Sundays, you can enjoy watching a musical or theatrical program with your family in the evenings. It is a one-of-kind experience that tourists must experience at least once while visiting the city. Plus, you can


Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul: Where, When, and How to Visit?

Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul is located just outside the main Varanasi city. It is placed in Bada Lalpur and the Google Maps location is accurate in finding it. You must rent a vehicle or call a taxi to take you there as not many public transport vehicles do. There is a food court in the city that serves street food in Varanasi and other dishes to eat at.

The best time to visit the museum would be around fall, that is September-November as it would be the perfect weather. Since most of the Trade Center area at the Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul is open, summers may make it a bad experience. The Trade Center Opens at 11:30 am and closes at 8 pm.


Also, the time to visit would be either in the morning when it opens or later in the evening. You should keep at least an hour exploring the museum, half an hour for the premises and more time if you wish to witness the weekend performances too. All-in-all it is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Varanasi.


Though far and yet unknown, the Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul Trade Center Varanasi is one of the best cultural spots in Varanasi. From a stunning museum to multiple local artists’ shops, the place has it all.


The Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul is truly one of the most unique tourist spots in the city. Even as a resident of Varanasi, you would be surprised to explore this cultural center. So when in Varanasi, spare a day for your surreal visit to the Trade Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul from Varanasi?
Bada Lalpur Museum Varanasi, or the Trade Center is located in Bada Lalpur. The area is on the outskirts of Varanasi; hence it takes some time to reach it. It is 9-10 kilometers away from the city center, so it would take you 30-60 minutes to reach it by vehicle.


Is there an entry fee for entering the Trade Center?
Entry to the Trade Center and museum are free of cost as of now. However, you have to wear your masks and write your name in the logbook at the gate before you enter the premises. You can also rent meeting rooms, AC halls, and more for social or business events at a charge.

Are there souvenir and apparel shops inside?
Yes, you can find many handicrafts and souvenir shops inside the Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul. They include apparel, toys, accessories, personal care products, and more. Most of these shops encourage local creators to sell their products to promote their craft.

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