Mani Mandir In Varanasi: A Stunning Religious Paradise For Pilgrims

Mani Mandir In Varanasi: A Stunning Religious Paradise For Pilgrims

Mani Mandir in Varanasi; one of the most aesthetically pleasing temples of Varanasi perfect for visitors and locals.

One of the more recently renovated and upscaled temples, Mani Mandir in Varanasi is one of the most architecturally pleasing temples. Its stark structure and illuminated designs alongside the idols make it the perfect place for any religious traveler.

With over 150 shivlings in the temple premises and other idols of gods, the temple is truly a spectacle for the locals and foreigners alike. Make sure that you give a brief visit to the temple when you get the time in your visit to Varanasi.


How Did the Mani Mandir Come into Existence?

The Mani Mandir was first constructed in the 1940s, but the temple we can witness now has been renovated since then. The beginning of the temple was actually over the shrine of Dharm Samrat Swami Karpatri Maharaj.

The heritage begins from the coronation of Lord Rama, which originally happened in Ayodhya. But the Mani Mandir in Varanasi was created as a court of Lord Rama as an ode to the lords and a place of worship for the same.

The location of the Mandir and the internal design is created keeping in mind the court of Lord Rama, but you can also find the idols of other gods in the temple. The highlight of the temple has to be the shivlings spread across the 43 thousand square meter area of the temple.


Mani Mandir: The Ideologies Behind the Temple

Protecting and carrying on Lord Rama’s heritage was the main goal of the temple builders, and alongside, there is an equal representation of other Lords such as Shiva, Panchdev, etc. The Rama Darbar (Court of Lord Rama) is in the center of the temple while the main shivling is present in front of the same.

Also, the remaining 151 shivlings are spread across the sides of the temples in rows. The interior of the temple is built entirely of granite and the temple has a traditional structure but with modern design and facilities. There are also 11 peaks in the temple and the exterior is also quite stunning to look at.

The name ‘Mani’, which means gem, is given to the temple because the temple has Dwadash Jyotirlingas made of Rhinestone adorned in the temple. Overall, the temple is close to a traditional temple in terms of its ideologies yet modern in its unique way.


The Cultural Imprint of Temple

The Mani Mandir is a relatively newer cultural hotspot, so you might not have heard about it a lot. However, among pilgrims, the popularity of the temple is quite high as on the first day of opening, thousands of visitors came to the temple in devotion.

Visitors from all over India came to pay their respects to the gods and prayed at the temple with utmost zeal. Since the temple is unique as it has 150+ shivlings and an exquisite design, many people came to appreciate and study the structure too.

Currently, the Mani Mandir is one of the most visited and loved Varanasi temples. With a further improvement in the current situation, one can easily expect even more popularity and appreciation of the temple.


The ‘Faux’ News Regarding Mani Mandir

Recently, you might have seen videos on social media titled ‘Newly Renovated Kashi Vishwanath Temple’ with photographs of a shivling. The shivling with an illuminated dome in the ceiling is a part of the Mani Mandir in Varanasi and not Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Ever since the Kashi Vishwanath Dham project got completed, many such videos and photos got circulated on social media platforms. Many people and authorities urged people not to spread such misinformation with the lack of information.

Since the renovated and fully constructed Mani Mandir is also quite a spectacle, people got the two confused. So now you can distinguish between the two even if you see such videos claiming the opposite.


Where Is Mani Mandir and Activities to Do?

Mani Mandir is located in a hustling and bustling part of the city called Durgakund. The location is ideal since many other temples, the ghat, and even plenty of restaurants are present within a 2 km radius.

You can reach Durgakund with the help of public transport like autorickshaw, toto, etc. You could also book a taxi or use your car to reach the Durgakund area, although parking space is difficult to find in this area.


Apart from that, there are also some other things you can do in the surrounding area after you’re done viewing the temple:

  1. Visit Assi Ghat- The Assi Ghat is nearly 1.5 kilometers away from the Mani Mandir and you can reach it easily with the help of public transport. There you can go for a boat ride or even witness the evening aarti.
  2. Visit Other Temples- Many other temples like the Durga Kund Mandir, Sankat Mochan Mandir, etc. are within a kilometer of the Mani Mandir in Varanasi. You can plan your day so that you can visit all three temples together.
  3. Try Local Cuisine- The Durgakund and Bhelupur area are full of amazing restaurants with a wide array of cuisines. Whether you are craving Indian, Italian, Chinese, or any other cuisine, you can give the area a visit. There are also a few chain restaurants in the area if you want to try out something familiar instead.


The city of Lord Shiva is originally an ancient and traditional city with an architectural type similar to its history. But amid the old streets, you can also find some stunning structures built with a striking design.


Temples like the Mani Mandir in Varanasi are perfect for all kinds of people since they’re not just a religious hotspot, but also a cultural experience. The next time you visit Varanasi, make sure to check out the Mani Mandir and other temples for a wholesome Varanasi trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mani Mandir the renovated Kashi Vishwanath Temple?
No, the Mani Mandir is not the same as the Kashi Vishwanath temple as shown in the recent video. Both temples are different and even situated in different places in Varanasi.


Where is the Mani Mandir located?
The Mani Mandir in Varanasi is located in an area called Durgakund, and it is near to the Durga Kund Mandir too.

Is the Mani Mandir only for religious visitors?
No, although the temple is originally meant for praying and pilgrims to visit, the architecture is unique and spectacular for even non-religious people to witness.

Team Varanasi Mirror

Team Varanasi Mirror

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