BHU: The Top Varanasi University Holding Years of Heritage

BHU: The Top Varanasi University Holding Years of Heritage

 BHU- The Best University in The Ancient City and A Hub of Top Quality Education

The Banaras Hindu University usually referred to as BHU, is one of the most prestigious universities. It is located in Varanasi and offers top-quality education to its students. It has received many prestigious awards and ranks for its excellence in the education sector.

Currently, it holds the title of being the largest residential campus university in Asia. So let us dive into everything one needs to know about this university. From history to current endeavors, our article will tell you all you need to know about BHU.


How Did BHU Come into Existence?

Madan Mohan Malaviya is renowned for his ideas and works that brought the university to existence. He contributed to making the university with the help of Annie Besant, Darbhanga Raj, Maharaja Rameshwar Singh, and Prabhu Narayan Singh.

Malaviya was a firm believer in the fact that education is the ultimate way to eradicate poverty. He believed that educating the people would help bring positive change for the whole nation. Hence he developed the plan for BHU and it got established in 1916.

Malaviya received approval from the Viceroy of India of the time for the university. After much work and effort, the university that we see now got started. The inauguration and starting years were filled with prestigious visitors like Mahatma Gandhi, J. C. Bose, etc.


Inside The Largest Residential University Campus in Asia

BHU’s campus is one of its most prominent features which adds to the beauty of the city. It is a place not only special for students but even from a tourism perspective. The current campus is 5.3 square kilometers in area.

It is situated on the southern end of Varanasi City and is a popular tourist spot too. The campus itself is a wonder due to its unique and well-preserved buildings. You can witness a mix of old and new buildings and architecture throughout the layout.

Home to many faculty buildings, hostels, temples, libraries, and more, the campus is a must-visit spot. The campus can accommodate more than 12000 students and is deemed the biggest residential university campus in Asia. An additional south campus of the university is in the Barkachha area and is 11 square kilometers in area.


What Are the Academic Facilities in BHU?

BHU currently has many institutes, faculties, and departments under it that students can enroll in. The university boasts six institutes, 14 faculties, and nearly 140 departments with 65 hostels. And students can enroll in BHU online and offline courses in these departments.

Aside from the main campus and institutes like IIT BHU, BHU is also associated with other colleges in the city. Colleges like the Vasanta College for Women, DAV Post Graduate College, etc. provide courses with BHU’s certification.

The academic standards and methods of the university are considered to be among the top ones. They are partly the reason why this Varanasi university ranks so high in the list of all universities. BHU is also renowned for its hospital, Sir Sunderlal Hospital which is one of the best medical teaching facilities.


The Cultural Importance of BHU in Varanasi

The university started with some of the most renowned Indian independence fighters, so it was bound to be a cultural treasure. Ever since the inauguration of the university, it was considered one of the most fascinating educational institutions.

Especially to the locals and visitors of Varanasi, BHU is a place that they must visit if visiting the city. Aside from the thousands of students who study in the university, many people also visit for tours.

Plus, it has its collection of architectural wonders, temples, libraries, and other places to explore. Many festivals of music and arts also take place at the university. Many sports matches take place on numerous grounds. All in all, it is a location essential to the tourism, history and culture of Varanasi.


What to Do When at BHU?

If you want to visit BHU as a visitor when you come to the city, you can visit certain main spots. For tourists and students, there are highlighted areas of the campus that truly display its beauty. So here are some spots to visit while visiting the BHU main campus in Varanasi:

  • Stroll Through the Campus- The entire campus area of BHU is filled with greenery and lovely architecture. You can take a walk through the peaceful roads that have an opposite vibe from other Varanasi areas. Plus, you can admire the unique style of architecture of the various buildings.
  • Visit Shri Vishwanath Temple- The Shri Vishwanath temple is not the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. It is a legendary temple situated on the main campus of BHU which has the tallest temple tower in the world. The entire structure is a cultural experience that visitors must see for themselves.
  • Explore The Bharat Kala Bhavan- Bharat Kala Bhavan is the most popular Varanasi museum with thousands of artifacts. It is the perfect place to discover more about the history and culture of the city. Visitors can witness stunning artifacts from the walks of time in the city as well as in the country.


Ranking in the top three national universities in the nation, BHU is one of the top Varanasi universities. Its beautiful campus and skilled faculty make it one of the best education hubs in the country.


And this university has provided such high quality for over a century, starting before Indian independence. These have been facts and features of one of the largest and most praised universities in India, BHU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BHU the most popular university in Varanasi?
Yes, most people consider BHU to be the most prestigious and popular university in Varanasi. Though it isn’t the oldest, its high ranks and education quality has made it popular amongst students.


What rank is BHU in all universities nationally?
As of 2021 BHI is in the third position out of all universities in India. This ranking is determined by NIRF and is based on many aspects of education.

Is BHU entrance only exam-based or merit-based too?
BHU entrance exam is the only basis for admission into the university. Unlike some other universities, you cannot get admission to BHU solely on merit. You can get further information on the official BHU student portal.

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