Lolark Kund Varanasi: The Abode of Blessings for Couples

Lolark Kund Varanasi: The Abode of Blessings for Couples

Lolark Kund Varanasi: A Place Where Couples Receive The Fortune Of Becoming Parents

As Lolark Chhath is just around the corner, we will soon get to see a huge crowd at the Lolark Kund Varanasi. But what is this religious location that gets swamped by thousands of couples on the Shashti?

Lolark Kund is one of the oldest religiously important places that offers the blessing of a child to aspiring couples. Read the article to know about the Kund, event and when it will happen in 2022.


What Is Lolark Kund?

Lolark Kund is an artificial pond constructed centuries ago. It is considered one of the oldest existing religious places, not only in the city but in the country. The pond is a man-made creation dedicated to worshiping Surya or the “Sun Lord.” Even the name Lolark means a wavering sun- perhaps referring to the reflection of the sun in the water.

The Kund is placed very close to the Assi and Tulsi Ghats. You can access it via a passage through the same. During the rest of the year, it remains sparsely visited, but with the onset of Autumn comes a traditional festival.

During this festival, the Kund gets swarmed by hundreds of couples praying. The Lolark Kund Varanasi apparently has a direct connection of water dispersal to the Ganga River. The Kund is a sight to behold, with lovely turquoise water and symmetrical steps leading down to it.


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The Historical Story Behind the Kund

In the ancient scriptures, the Sun God traveled on a chariot. People believe that the wheel of one chariot fell to the ground, creating the Kund in the process. Though the Kund is much older, Queen Ahilyabai Holkar adorned it with better materials.

Ahilyabai renovated the Kund premises using exquisite stone materials. It is the renovated and preserved version of the Kund that you can still witness. She accepted the help of Amrit Rao and the King of Cooch Bihar to make the Kund better and remain even in the future.


In Hindu Mythology, the Mahabharata epic mentioned 12 Solar gods. One of these 12 gods is the one resting at Lolark Kund temple in Varanasi. Worshippers pray to the same Sun god asking for relief from diseases and blessings for a child.

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What Is the Lolark Chhath/ Shashti?

Lolark Chhath or Shashti is a traditional festival people celebrate on the 6th day of Bhadrapad, a Hindu Lunar Calendar month. The sixth day on the brighter half of the month is the date- hence it changes every year in the Solar calendar.


On this day- people believe that praying to the Sun god grants their wishes. Especially couples who wish to have kids swarm the Kund to take a dip. During that time, Assi Ghat and even the area nearby gets affected by thousands of people pooling towards the Kund.

It is better after two years of lockdown, and people expect more crowds now than on the Lolark Chhath 2021 date. Not only locals but many other people from neighboring cities visit the Lolark Kund Varanasi during this period.

The Significance of The Lolark Shashti

The ritual of taking a dip in the Lolark began from a King of Cooch Bihar. The King suffered from a chronic skin illness and unfortunately had no children. He was distraught due to his condition but decided to pray at the Lolark Kund.


But after he did so, his disease disappeared slowly. Plus- he even conceived a son after the bath at the Lolark Kund Varanasi. Hence, he believed in the power of the und, and so do many other people who follow in his footsteps.

The Shashti is an essential event, especially for people who can’t conceive. It gives them hope and faith that they will be able to have a child. Even people who do not want children come here to pray for other ailments.


When And How Will the Lolark Shashti Take Place?

Though we know the Lunar calendar date, we often use the Solar one. Hence, the Lolark Chhath 2022 date according to the western calendar is 2nd September 2022. It is the day devotees can visit and take a dip in the holy water of the Lolark Kund Varanasi.

  • The procedure for the Chhath also includes some crucial steps that one must follow while attending. First of all, the water only becomes ideal for dipping after the first rays of sunlight touch it.
  • Then a couple must bring along one fruit or vegetable and take a dip in the water. After they have taken a dip, they must change into newer clothes.
  • The wet clothes and the fruit or vegetable they brought must be left by the Kund itself.
  • With that, they must also vow never to eat that fruit or vegetable in their life again.
  • People can stay around and cook Halwa-Puri or enjoy the evening aarti succeeding the rituals.


Varanasi always leads with its historical and religious locations- Lolark Kund is the perfect example. The spiritual haven brings blessings to childless couples and gives the gift of life.


With their firm beliefs and dedication toward the Sun God, they come together on this fateful day to pray. So, you can also witness an endearing mix of faith and belief at the Lolark Chhath on 2nd September.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Lolark Shashti/ Chhath celebrated?
Lolark Chhath or Shashti gets celebrated to wish for children. The couples who cannot conceive often pray to the gods for a child, mostly a son. Other people also use the Lolark Kund Varanasi, but not particularly on this date.


Is it difficult to celebrate the Lolark Chhath at the Kund?
It does get very crowded at the Kund during the Lolark Shashti because many couples come to pray and take a dip. Since the Lolark Kund area is not very big, it can only accommodate so many people.

How do you go to Lolark Kund?
Once you reach Tulsi Ghat from Assi, you must turn inwards and reach the Lolark Kund location. If you ask someone nearby for the Lolark Aditya Mandir, they will tell you which street to choose. It is hardly 100-200 meters from the ghat- so you can find it easily.

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