Pishach Mochan in Varanasi – Place for Tripindi Shradha

Pishach Mochan in Varanasi – Place for Tripindi Shradha

Pishach Mochan

Pishach Mochan in Varanasi is the only place in the world where people perform the Tripindi Shradha. Kashi is the city of liberation. It is a faith that whosoever dies in this holy city gets liberated and is free from the life and death cycle. But what about those who pass away out of Benaras due to premature death? Will their soul never rest in peace? Will they never have re-birth or liberation?

Varanasi is the city of Shiva, and this city offers a way to release the souls suffering from ailments of premature death. For understanding the truth and depth of Pishach Mochan Banaras, it is advisable to get an insight into Tripindi Shradha in Varanasi. Read about Baba Vishwanath’s tilokutsav

Tripindi Shradha Meaning

Tripindi Puja Vidhi releases all those souls who had a premature death. As per our scripture, people who die unnaturally become a ghost and roam in their world only. The Tripindi Shradha at Pishach Mochan Varanasi frees these souls from their ghost form. As per our scriptures, the souls turned ghosts get salvation after the Tarpan Puja Vidihi at the Vimal Kunda of Pishach Mochan. One should follow the Pind Daan procedure only after doing this puja vidhi.


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Legend Associated with Pishach Mochan

Valmiki was an ardent devotee of Shiva whose daily chanting of Shiv Sahstranaam made him revered. One day, seeing a scary ghost roaming in search of liberation, he felt mercy on his condition. So, he suggested the ghost bathe in the holy water of the Kund and then do puja at the Kapardishwar Mahadev Temple to release itself from his phantom barrier.
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The Pishach Mochan Puja

There are various holy places for Shradha tarpan. But, for freeing souls from ailments of premature death, people visit Gaya only after offering Tarpan at the Vimal Kunda of Pishach Mochan. For performing Shradha at Vimal Kunda, concerned pundits chant the related Sanskrit Shlokas and prepare three clay pots. It is a belief that the phantom barrier is of three categories, Satvik, Rajas and Tamas. After preparing the clay pots, pandits put the three colour flags, i.e., black, red and white, to release the souls from the phantom barrier. These flags also represent our three deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

As per another belief, the origin of this religious place is before the arrival of the Ganges on the Earth. The peepal tree located at this place holds significance as people believe that unsatisfied souls reside here. After putting coins on the tree, all types of loans taken by the deceased in his life are considered repaid. For freedom from the obstacles in life, it is mandatory to donate Pind to ancestors during Pitru Paksha.


Pishach Mochan Eshwar Mahadev

ब्रह्महत्यादयः पापाः विनश्यन्त्यस्य् पूजनात |
पिशाच मोचने कुण्डे स्नातः स्यात्प्रश मोर्यतेः ||

Adjacent to the Vimal Kund, there is the temple of Kapardishwar Mahadev. The belief says that after bathing in the Kund, whosoever visits the temple and does ritualistic puja is released from the sin of Brahm Hatya. The legend mentions that the Kapardishwar, a Shiva devotee, established Shivlingum at this place. The holy water of the Kunda removes all the problems of life. Garun Purana states the miraculous benefits of Pishach Mochan in Varanasi.

For enjoying a life full of happiness, it is crucial to receive the blessings of the souls of ancestors. Our ancestors from heaven and our elders on Earth spread the light of cheerfulness in our lives. And with ritualistic Tarpan and Shradha, our ancestors bless us with a happy and blissful life.

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