Durga Mata at Durgabari Varanasi – Never Immersed in Water

Durga Mata at Durgabari Varanasi – Never Immersed in Water

A Truth Well Recognised

There is a Durga Mata idol in Varanasi that never got immersed. Surprised? So was I when I heard this. But I clarified all my doubts by visiting this holy place. I must say that Kashi is the place of wonders. This city holds many mysterious places that are acknowledged and are also revered.

Shardiya Navaratri

Navratri is the nine nights dedicated to the worship of all the nine forms of Devi Durga. With the beginning of these nine days, festivity enters into the air. People start vacillating in devotion, and the whole atmosphere cahrges with positivity and purity. People leave Tamsic food and render themselves in the service of the Devi.

In Varanasi, the Durga Puja celebration is grand. People organise pandals at various places, decorate them and establish the idol of Mata with full faith. It is well known that at the end of these nine days, we bid a respectful farewell to Durga Mata by submerging Her idol in water. But, as I mentioned earlier, Varanasi holds many secrets. There is an idol of Durga Mata Clay Face at Banagli Tola Varanasi that is still there since its inception. Elucidating that this particular idol has never been submerged in water. Read about Hind and Muslim unity in Mahashivratri celebration.


Legend Behind Durga Ma Clay Face

The idol of Mata at Durgabari Bangali Tola Varanasi is standing for the past few centuries. This age-old idol is about 250 years old and is made up of clay. Exactly! It is made up of clay and is nearly 250 years old. Then, how come it is not yet weathered? People believe that the idol is awake, and Ma resides in this idol.

This idol made up of clay is taken care of by a Mukherji family. Centuries back, the head of this family established it during Navratri, but on the day of Visarjan, Mata came in his dreams and told him to worship Her regularly as She will reside permanently at the place. Though it was a dream when people tried to lift the idol for Visarjan, they could not move it, even an inch. They were astonished, and several attempts made after that to lift it, but all of them failed. The idol made up of clay, straw, bamboo, and twine still stay in perfect condition. During every Navratri, one of the Mukherji family members applies fresh colours and changes the clothes of Ma. Apart from this, to date, the idol is not repaired. Get detail about Ro- Ro boat service here.

The idol of Durga Ma is nearly 5 feet tall, and the head of the Mukherji family established it in the year1767. Devotees, who pay homage to Ma, say that the idol is miraculous and wonderful. Whosoever visits it with devotion, Ma fulfils his wishes. The glory of the Durga Mata idol made up of clay is still the same, as it was almost 250 years ago.

Team Varanasi Mirror

Team Varanasi Mirror

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