Varahi Devi : A Small Temple with a Powerful Goddess

Varahi Devi : A Small Temple with a Powerful Goddess

Varahi Devi in Kashi is A Mysterious Temple with Main Deity Located at the Basement

Varahi Devi! Mayee! Mayee! These are the words of the priest who addresses this small yet full of energy form of Goddess. Before entering the main sanctum, which is in the basement of the temple, the chief priest keeps on calling Mayee! Mayee!

It is the spot where the priest adorns the Mayee, and before ornamenting Her, the priest baths and changes his clothes. What would you like to wear today? Today, what ornaments and jewels should I decorate you with? The daily priest asks this from Varahi Mayee. Read about chita bhasm Holi.

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Varahi Devi Story

Devi is the epitome of Shakti with the head of the sow and the female form of neck down. The feminine energy of Varaha is the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu. She is the protector of Kashi during night times. After being vigilant for the whole night, Devi needs rest during day time. It is why the temple opens only for 2 hours in the morning, generally between 5.30 AM to 7.30 AM. The priest does the ritualistic worship of Mata in Brahm Muhurat and then closes the temple for the whole day. Kaal Bhairav is the kotwal of Kashi during the day, and Varahai Devi in Varanasi is the protector of night. A few small steps are leads to a bright colour red door of Adishakti Varahi Devi. The main idol is in the basement. As per the age-old traditions, only the chief priest enters the basement of the shrine. The devotees can see the glimpse of Devi’s face from one whole, and from another whole, they can look at Her feet. These two holes are on another floor above the basement of the main shrine. Even from this long-distance, one can feel the upsurge of profound energy emanating from the idol. The atmosphere is intoxicating, and it prevents lingering for long and looking at the Devi. Prayatn Path Kashi is an inititative to boost tourism

Legends of Kashi Khand say that Mata is born from the fell down tooth of Sati Devi and the Varahi Devi in Varanasi is one of the Shaktipeeth. She saves the city from evil spirits and demonic obstacles. When Mata Durga was fighting with the demons, then Varahi Devi was Her commander.
Devi makes us spellbound, and our heads automatically bow down in awe.

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Varahi Devi Importance

Kashi is the city of wonders and mysteries. Whatever you want, you can get over here with the right approach and knowledge. If you desire prestige, honour and dignity, then Varahai Mata Mandir, Kashi is the right place for you.


Your search to fulfil your desires ends here. If you are facing obstacles in your life, then this religious temple is the answer.
Tantric practitioners also worship Varahai Mata. The tantric rites state that worship of Devi is fruitful when done after sunset and before sunrise. Devi, as mentioned earlier, is the night goddess. Therefore, names such as Dhruma Varahi and Dhumavati connect with Her. She is the Devi of Justice, and people also come here to resolve their legal matters.

If you are the administrative officer of any company, city, province or city, your attendance at this temple is essential. She is the Goddess of Devlok and removes all your problems.

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Varahi Devi Miracle

Mayee protects Her devotees as well as Her city. She brings justice to Her devotees and whosoever visits Her with devotion. For getting Her blessings, one has to visit Her regularly. She can make the impossible possible. Devotees who worship Mata regularly and visit Her temple daily with devotion, are filled with spiritual powers and learning. As per belief, Devi does not like those devotees who do not visit Her regularly. If ever a routine breaks, then Ma pulls the devotee to Her temple.


The ghosts, phantoms, yakshas and yakshinis pay homage to Devi in the evening. If anyone enters the temple during the evening time, then that person will not escape alive.

The Varahi Devi Temple is at D 16/84, Manmandir Ghat. It is near the famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi. You can visit the temple either from Tripura Ghat or from Dashaswamedh ghat.

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