Varahi Devi Temple Varanasi Pooja: A Mysterious Ordeal

Varahi Devi Temple Varanasi Pooja: A Mysterious Ordeal

Attend the Pooja in The Varahi Devi temple Varanasi to Uncover the Story of Varanasi’s Protector

If we talk about Hindu deities like Lord Shiva or Goddess Lakshmi, pretty much everyone knows something about them. It is because they are well-known gods/goddesses in the religion. But Hinduism has thousands of lesser-known gods and goddesses that possess immense power too.The Varahi Devi Temple Varanasi is one place to find such a deity- Varahi Devi.

So, if you’re visiting Varanasi and want to pray to the mysterious goddess, read ahead. We will discuss the pooja rituals and how you can be a part of them to express your devotion.


What Is the Varahi Devi Temple?

In another post, we have already discussed Varahi Devi’s role in the city. She is the holy city’s protector throughout the nighttime. Perhaps this is why there is such mysticism lingering around her temple.

It is perhaps the most mysterious temple in Varanasi as it has a very short opening window. Let alone tourists, even many locals haven’t even heard about the place and its importance. The temple is hard to find on Google Maps and has no huge structure. Most of it is located underground and you can barely recognize the building from the outside.

The distinct feature which will lead you to the Varahi Mata Temple in Varanasi is the bright red door. The door is unmistakably unique and the name of the temple is written on top. And the pooja inside the premises will be unlike anything you have ever seen before.


What Happens During the Varahi Devi Pooja?

The Varahi Devi Temple Varanasi pooja happens routinely in the early hours of the morning. Hence, most people reach the temple too late to witness it and assume the temple is closed. The temple only opens for the pooja timings and remains closed for the rest of the day.

During the pooja, the visitors walk through the Varanasi Varahi Temple and into the basement, where Devi resides. One can see and pray to the goddess’s idol only momentarily as the basement offers limited space. You can only see her head and feet from two holes in the basement, you cannot even find Varahi Devi Images of the full idol.

Even if you were to stay, many visitors have noticed a strong and almost overwhelming energy. Some say that it is present due to the powers of the Devi, and don’t let you stay in the spot for too long. However, many people have had their prayers answered by Devi due to their devotion to her.


When and How to Attend the Pooja?

To be a part of this spiritual and religious experience, you must first find the Varahi Devi Temple Kashi. The temple is located by the Man Mandir Ghat, slightly far from the Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Once you enter the streets, it is best to ask around for the location instead of Google maps. We all know that Google maps are not the most helpful in the city. Once you locate the red gate, you must ensure you reach it before 5:30. Even if it is a relatively unknown temple, there may be a crowd waiting to devote their prayers.

Now that you know the Varahi Devi story, you must also wish to visit the temple once. It is one of the ideal mysterious places in Varanasi undiscovered by crowds. With a better distribution of our culture through our blogs, we expect to bring a new wave of awareness.



Among the places you could go to pray to deities, the Varahi Devi Temple Varanasi is an ideal choice. The Devi is the harbinger of justice and security in the city, and she grants wishes for her most loyal subjects.

It is a fascinating ordeal to witness, no matter if you’re interested in religion or not. The aura of the temple and the people gathering together at the break of dawn is emotional. So visit the temple if you find time and experience this surreal worship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of Varahi Devi?
Varahi Devi is said to protect the city at night, much like Kaal Bhairav. She is a fierce and protective goddess who is said to provide numerous blessings if treated with the utmost devotion. Hence, many people wake up early every morning to devote their prayers.


Is Varahi Devi Temple Open Only in The Mornings?
Yes, the Varahi Devi Temple Varanasi is open from 5:30 for two to three hours only. Since the goddess stays up at night to fight off any evil from the city, she must rest throughout the day for energy.

Can you witness the idol of Varahi Devi?
No, according to tradition, visitors cannot see the whole idol of the Devi. What you can witness are her head and feet. The rest is traditionally only appropriate for the head priest to witness.

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